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Legal rulings and opinions to date

Below is a partial list of the legal rulings and opinions of the court. They are collected from the legal proceedings of the nascent Sanhedrin and its subcourts. Most of them were originally issued in Hebrew, with a minority in English. A translation to English is provided when available. It is possible to see a list of urgent and important public announcements here.

The Sanhedrin Initiative consists of the nascent Sanhedrin, four subcourts and more than a dozen committees.[1]

The courts and committees function within the charters they have been given by the "Special Court for the Executive Oversight of the Sanhedrin", but they may functional independently. Views expressed by subcourts and committees of the Sanhedrin Initiative, in general, have not be reviewed by the nascent Sanhedrin and as such they carry only the authority that a regular Jewish court of law or committee would hold.

Besides their normal function, these courts and committees are to develop "expert legal opinions" and "legal briefs" that may be used at a future date when a full sanhedrin may decide on these issues. Until that time, their views do not necessarily reflect the binding decision of a Sanhedrin, or even the views of all the members of the Sanhedrin Initiative.

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Sanhedrin Initiative

Special Court for Matters Concerning the Nation and the State

Committee for Army and Security (War Cabinet)

Legal Adjudication for Soldiers

Committee for the Administrative and Civil Re-organization of the Jewish People

Economic Commission

Health and Ecology Commission

Committee concerning the fixing of the Calendar

Committee for the exact site of the Holy Temple and Altar

Committee concerning the Korban Pesach

Committee for the 'Lost Tribes of Israel' (Assimilation and forced conversion)

International Court of Law

Jerusalem Court for Issues of Bnei Noah

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