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Havat Daat 5766 Iyyar 19

Informal translation from Hebrew of the 19 Iyyar, 5766 (18 May, 2006) statement:

Special Court for Matters Concerning the Nation and the State
Statement by the Secretariat of the Sanhedrin

Concerning recent Supreme Court's rulings

This is an urgent call to the Rabbis of Israel to emancipate themselves from the governmental system, and to establish for themselves a centralized, independent and autonomous judicial system.

To our utter dismay, the Supreme Court continues its program to dismantle, through its decisions, the sacrednesses of Israel; methodically, and in each substantive realm connected with the existence of the Jewish nation: conversion, Sabbath, the Land of Israel, the Temple Mount, the honor of the rabbinical courts and the chief rabbinate.

The Supreme Court is doing everything within its ability to strike at the 'institution of the family' by replacing it with the 'rights of the individual' these rights to be defended even in the face of proofs of adultery and prostitution. All this in order to change the nature of the Jewish nation in accordance with their opinions; to change the [Jewish people's] faith and beliefs. This is similar to the advice of Balaam who had in mind to destroy [the essential character] of the nation The [Supreme Court] tries to sell its policies by [among other things] the encouragement of "free sex", even within the family unit, through unhealthy and sexually deviant attitudes towards the 'right of privacy'.

One must remind the court, and its activist "reformers" who envisage it - much to our regret - as the highest expression of law, that the Jewish people have its own inherent national law. It is a legal system that is obligatory on them from the day that they became a nation: the Torah [the Bible]. This law [of the Torah] absolutely contradicts the positions of those who claim to represent the anti Jewish values of 'the post-modern enlightened public.' Accordingly, the Jewish people, as a nation and as individuals, reject with disgust the shameful attempts by the Supreme Court to encourage through legislation values foreign to the Jewish people.

Self determination of the Jewish nation and its spiritual success and salvation is dependent on the disassociation of the Rabbis from the Supreme Court and from the system with which it collaborates; including the government which gives [the Supreme Court] absolute backing and protection to [the Supreme Court's self-declared] basic principles.

We urgently call to each Rabbi in Israel to assist in the establishment of a broad centralized, independent and autonomous, Torah [Biblical legal] system as a fundamental duty imposed by the Torah, to establish judges and policemen [Deut. 16:18] according to Torah, and to actualize the sovereignty of a Sanhedrin. Let them become a part [of the Sanhedrin and its courts] and provide leadership "for the sake of rebirth and inheritance of our country".

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