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Committee for Army and Security (War Cabinet)


The Sanhedrin has set up a commission for security matters.

The most important findings of this commission are:

1. The Israeli education system is severely afflicted with a lack of education for defense matters - military history of Israel and the Middle East from biblical times until our days, education for basic understanding of military and defense matters from public perspectives, and problems with personal security.

2. The IDF is in urgent need of an academic institution for war and defense studies. IDF officers are not trained to handle battles in a rational way.

3. The victories of the IDF do not stem from the ability of the appointed commanders, but rather from the sacrifices of the soldiers on the field and from a weak enemy. The enemies of the state are becoming more advanced at a time that the IDF is still living the lessons of the past. Standing the IDF up to a test against a well managed enemy could, G-d forbid, end with serious failures which could cost much blood, G-d forbid, and with intensifying political dangers, including existential threats. The captains of the state know this, and this is one of the reasons for the intensifying political concessions.

4. The army is accustomed to appoint its commanders more on political considerations than on professional considerations. Sometimes the appointments are meant to prepare prestige for the leadership cadre of the party, who has its representative as the minister overseeing the army.

5. The IDF is severely afflicted, like the entire civilian system, from a lack of investigation and learning of lessons of actions of the upper echelons who adapted for themselves proficiency of legislation, honor, etc., in order to lower the responsibility of failures to echelons lower than themselves.

6. Investigation of battles and wars needs to be conducted by staff that the government appoints (not the army) in a way that insures independence. That is to say that it is proper that a public tender go out in which will be published the conditions of acceptance, proper compensation, which would be suitable for hundreds of candidates, and from them, would be chosen the staff in a supervised lottery. The staff will set its timetable for fixing the failings and will be obligated to report to the public immediate if the army and the political echelons appointed have followed through or not followed through with the task of fixing the failings. Every one of the members of the staff will be allowed to express his opinion separately if he thinks that the corrections have not been actualized.

Leading Justices

Committee Coordinator - Rabbi Amnon Hever
Dr. Uri Millstein - World reknown expert in Israeli military history
Dr. Michael Bronstein - Expert in battle research.
Evyatar ben Tzadaf - Former editor of the newspaper of the IDF - "Ma'arachot"

The commission discusses different topics.

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