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Psak 5766 Adar 21

Informal translation from Hebrew of the 21 Adar, 5766 (21 March, 2006) statement:

Special Court for Matters Concerning the Nation and the State
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The Sanhedrin's Declaration Concerning the upcoming State Elections

1. The Sanhedrin has determined that it is an obligation to vote in the upcoming elections. One may vote for any party of which it's leadership is faithful to the Torah (Bible) and its commandments.

2. Continued support of the Sanhedrin for the political and public institutions in the future is dependent on the actions of the elected officials to work towards the enactment of a Torah "Basic Law" [Constitution], in accordance which this formula:

Torah "Basic Law": Laws which are contrary to the laws of the Torah are not laws of the Jewish people, and therefore they are invalid. Any law which is contrary to the laws of Torah, legislated by the "Knesset" (including legislated amendments) or interpreted as such by judicial sources is a disqualified law. The authority to decide in these matters has been unconditionally expropriated by the central religious court based on the Torah (Bible) [the Sanhedrin].

3. This convention declares that any political party which seeks a nation referendum or promises acceptance of the results of such a referendum, in areas concerning the commandments of the Torah or matters concerning the Land of Israel in particular [issues that cannot be decided by vote], such a party cannot be viewed as a religious party.

4. This session of the Sanhedrin calls on all the religious political parties to unite, or [at least] manage a unified negotiating front, as one man, one heart, when the results of the elections are known and negotiations are entered into to form a national coalition. This is in order to influence the formation of basic governing principles according to the Torah of Israel, and [for the religious parties in general] to attain the maximum governmental positions and budgets for the common goals: Jewish education, strengthening of settlements, and [assisting] the weak layers [of society].

5. The Sanhedrin will work to have social welfare laws enacted according to Torah, in order to reduce the poverty which is overcoming the poor among Israel.

6. The Sanhedrin calls on all movements and political parties to place a great concern on the education of the children in Israel. In each school system there should be respect for religion yiras shamayim, Torah [Bible] learning, keeping of the Shabbat [Sabbath], honoring of father and mother, and modesty with regards to both family issues [sexuality] and wealth.

7. With the election of an Arab authority, by an Arab public which openly declares their intention to destroy the State of Israel, the halachic [Jewish law] ruling of obligatory warfare comes into force, to save Israel from the hand of danger. There must be a fitting military response, to "subdue the enemy and expel him from the land".

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