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Hachrazah 5767 Cheshvon 16a

The nascent Sanhedrin was asked to rule on its role vis-a-vis Noahide leadership. The opinion of the court is that the leadership for the Noahides must come from the Noahides themselves. This court or its subcourt may assist these organizations by providing advice and/or guidance as Jewish law requires. All Noahide organizations are invited to enter into a relationship with the Sanhedrin and will be accepted with full equality to each other.

Informal translation from Hebrew of the 24 Elul, 5765 (28 September, 2005) statement:

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Recognition of Noahide Councils by the Sanhedrin, and the Court for Bnei Noah

The Sanhedrin, in its session on the 17th Cheshvan 5767, reviewed its policy with regard to Bnei Noah [leadership] and their organizations, and decided as follows:

The Sanhedrin considers its role with regard to Bnei Noah to be one of responding to the legal questions of all the Bnei Noah, and to recognize [and work closely with] all organizations that have accepted the Sanhedrin as their highest halachic authority.

Thus all organizations of Bnei Noah are equally welcome to have such a relationship with the Sanhedrin, and will be accepted in full equality.

The Sanhedrin has recognizes the subcourt, the Beis Din for Bnei Noach, under Chief Justice Rabbi Yoel Schwartz, as the main officiating court in matters pertaining to Bnei Noah. [They have placed an emphasis on developing an expertise in Noahide law and related issues, and should be the first court of appeals in these cases].

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