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Psak 5769 Adar 2

Information about the visual sighting of the new moon is given below. No psak was issued. Informal translation from Hebrew of the 2 Adar, 5769 (26 February 2009) statement:

Committee concerning the fixing of the Calendar
Secretary: Rabbi Amnon Hever Tel: 054-9400909

New moon of Adar 5769 sighted

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Psak 5769 Adar 2-2.jpg

The Moon as seen from Givat Ram, Jerusalem at 17:57 on Thursday 26th February 2009

Crescent Venus as seen from Givat Ram, Jerusalem at 17:50 on Thursday 26th February 2009

The Moon was easily seen from Israel on Thursday 26th February 2009. In addition the crescent of Venus was also visible with binoculars or a telescope.

PlaceNameTime seen with the naked eye
Jerusalem, Givat RamRoy Hoffman17:45
Jerusalem, Har NofYehoshua Boch17:31
EfratTom Rosenfeld17:50
Mitspe RamonDaniel Jackson18:03
Tel-AvivGadi Eidelheit17:33
NeriaAvishalom Feuchtwanger18:10
Petach TikvaBarbera Brot17:45
Kochav YairLior Eshdat17:49
Ben ShemenYa’akov Nemet18:02
Beer ShevaChaim Mackler18:00
Jerusalem, Old CityNehemia Gordon17:40
Jerusalem, Old CityRilla Auzolat17:40
Jerusalem, Old CityJohan Schutte17:40
Jerusalem, Old CityAnayahu Newman17:40
Gotteburg, SwedenArik ArarCloudy

Next month, please look for the Moon from Israel and most of the World on Friday 27th March 2009. From Jerusalem (and similarly for the rest of Israel) the Moon may be visible from 18:58 till 19:03 and will be very easy to see. At 18:58 the Moon will be at azimuth 277° (3½° right of the sunset) and 10½° high. From Australia and South Africa, the Moon will only appear the next day.


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