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Symposium on the Korban Pesach

Nissan 1, 5768 (April 6, 2008)


We are honored to extend this invitation to the public to attend this day long seminar, which is to be held on the completion of the thrty day mourning period for the eight holy servants of Hashem who were slaughtered in the Mercaz HaRav Yeshiva, on the subject, "PREPARING FOR THE OFFERING OF THE PASCHAL LAMB, (KORBAN PESACH)."

The symposium will be held (with the help of G-d) on Rosh Chodesh Nisan, (the first day of the month of Nisan, April 6), in the study hall of Yeshivat HaKotel in the old city of Jerusalem, between the hours of 9:30 - 18:30.

Among the honored speakers will be Rabbi Yisrael Ariel, founder of the Temple Institute, Rabbi Itai Elitzur, Rabbi Menachem Bornshtein, Rabbi Avi Geiser. Rabbi Re'em Cohen, Rabbi Aharele Harel, Rabbi Yitzchak Cohen, (father of Neria, may G-d avenge his blood), Rabbi Meir Mazuz, professor Arieh Morganshtern, Rabbi Yehoshua Friedman, Rabbi Yehuda Kroizer, and Rabbi Shabtai Rappaport.

For further information:

Korban Pesach: Becoming a People

Sun March 31, 2007

"Each year, Jews make feverish and intensive preparations for the Passover holiday with the Seder as its centerpiece. However, we are still missing the true centerpiece of the Passover table: namely the Paschal Offering, or Korban Pesach.

Korban Pesach is a Biblical commandment of the highest order, with the command repeated and amplified to us in three different places: Exodus 12, 3-12, Numbers 9, 1-13 and Deuteronomy 16.

Just as circumcision, the first commandment imposed on an individual Jew, our forefather Abraham brought us into the covenant as individuals, the commandment of Korban-Pesach, the first commandment imposed on the Jewish People as a collective - obligating men, women and even children - brings us into the covenant as a People.

Click here to learn more about preparing for the Korban Pesach today."

Sanhedrin Convention

Wed February 28, 2007

On February 28th, more than 1,000 people came to take their place in the Tzibur Bnei Yisrael 3-in-1 Purim Event:

  • Sanhedrin Conference
  • “Businesses on the Front Line” Sale
  • Inspirational Concert: “One Person, One Heart”

Now is the time to join Tzibur Bnei Yisrael!

Launching of Official Sanhedrin Website

Thu Februart 08, 2007

Great news! After almost exactly one year of operation, the management of the nascent Sanhedrin has chosen "TheSanhedrin.ORG" to be the starting point for a new and greatly expanded official website.

Due to the redesign, this "Friends of the Sanhedrin" and its forum has been moved to TheSanhedrin.NET
  1. A Full Day Symposium on the Occasion of the Completion of the Thirty Day Mourning Period of the Eight Yeshiva Students of the Mercaz HaRav Yeshiva in Jerusalem, Murdered while Studying the Word of HaShem.