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Hachrazah 5769 Kislev 8

Informal translation from Hebrew of the Kislev 8, 5769 (5 December 2008) statement:

Special Court for Matters Concerning the Nation and the State
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Statement of the Sanhedrin’s Court regarding the "Peace House"

Kislev 8, 5769
December 5, 2008

The State of Israel was established by the strength and law of the Jewish people. The State’s authority is not sovereign such that it can act arbitrarily; rather it is derived from the power of the mission given to it by the Jewish people in order to act for their good. Since it has acted unfaithfully to this, its mission has ceased to exist. Therefore, all of the government’s rulings that are contrary, in a significant manner, to the legal foundations of the Jewish people – the Law of Israel – are invalid. The rulings of the state’s courts that are based on the disregard of the rights of Jews to purchase land in their own country are invalid rulings, and therefore do not contribute to law and order, but rather chaos and disorder. Whosoever threatens the Jewish public is as if they had joined with those who have pursued our people throughout the generations, and will themselves be pursued with an iron hand,

Democracy, as it is understood and practiced in Israel, does not represent the Jewish public as desired, and therefore, one should not wrap oneself in the banner of democracy as one’s source of authority. The conflict regarding “Beit HaShalom” in Hebron is a conflict against the powers of assimilation - individuals who have, from time immemorial joined with outsiders against the basic rights of Jews. We call on the leaders of the political parties to come to their senses and renounce the slogans that sow dissension, and to join as one in preparation for a crucial war that is liable to break out at any moment. The sowing of division among the nation at a time like this is liable to harm our ability to endure which threatens our very existence.

We call on the rabbis of Israel and the national leaders together to establish a just law for the Jewish people and its interests.

Dov Meir Stein
Secretary of the Sanhedrin

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