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Psak 5767 Tevet 6d

This statement is part of a series of twenty requests for piskei din (legal rulings) that have been submitted to the Beis Din by those who follow its rulings. While full piskei din (legal rulings) are in preparation, a brief summary is presented. The summary below is not meant to be used as a source for deriving any practical consequences. It will be replaced at a later date with a formal ruling.'

On the 6 Tevet, 5767 (27 December, 2006), the Beis Din for Bnei Noah was asked:

Jerusalem Court for Issues of Bnei Noah
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Who is a Noahide?

Q. Who is a Noahide?
What kinds of Noahides exist? Chochmei Umos HaOlam, Chasidei Umos HaOlam, Ger Toshav. What are the requirements and responsibilities for each. How does one change (convert?) from one to another? What about children, is it passed on ethnically like Judaism?

Answer. There are more statuses then those listed. According to the Rambam, Ger Toshav is not applicable technically today. A statement written by Rabbi Kanievsky a few decades ago is interpreted by Rabbi Schwartz that we have a "kind of" Ger Toshav today.[1]

Children are born into the status of their parents and do not have any ceremony.

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  1. It appears that Rabbi Schwartz means is that this status merely lacks a formal element. I will try to get further elaboration also from Rabbi Kanievsky. - Rabbi Hollander.

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