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The Sanhedrin English:Community Portal does not have a "Community portal". It is a website dedicated to making available information about the history, development and attempts to re-establishment the Jewish Sanhedrin within Jewish Law (halacha) as well as documenting the opinions, views and actions of the current attempt to re-establish that great court.[1] It is not intended to facilitate the building of a community of supporters.

For those interested in a "Community portal", this might be of interest:

TheSanhedrin.NET is another website, not directly under the auspices of the nascent Sanhedrin, for a group called "Friends of the Sanhedrin". It describes itself as a kind of "fan-club for supporters of the Sanhedrin Initiative" and says "It reflects the combined efforts of hundreds of loyalists, supporters, not-yet supporters, and many who are just interested in the idea of a Sanhedrin. Please become a member of 'Friends of the Sanhedrin' and contribute to whatever you have to offer to the effort of establishing truly Jewish leadership in our time." On that website one can find online forums, discussion groups, picture galleries, videos, historical manuscripts and documents of work in progress.



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