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About has been established in coordination with the re-established Jewish Sanhedrin. It is published by "Volunteers for the Sanhedrin Initiative Online" located in Boston, Massachusetts.

Its goal is to discuss, research and document how the Sanhedrin operated in history, how the Sanhedrin Initiative operates now, and how a full Sanhedrin could operate in the near future - particularly in terms of a detailed study of Jewish Law (halacha), and the transformation of the historical body into a modern legislature. Information on the Sanhedrin Initiative is based on interviews and other public sources of information, with additional translations, context, history, discussions and explanations provided.

The "Volunteers for the Sanhedrin Initiative Online" organization was created to provide web services for the Sanhedrin's Spokesman & Secretariat. They provide us with basic material in Hebrew, we translate it, add additional explanation and context, and post it on this website. This website is intended to reflect the opinions and official positions of the Sanhedrin as closely as possible, but because it is not technically possible for the authorized representatives of the Sanhedrin to review all the online material posted on the website, in the final analysis it reflects only the opinions of "Volunteers for the Sanhedrin Initiative Online".

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