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Psak 5765 Ellul 25

Informal translation from Hebrew of the 9 Elul, 5765 (13 September 2005) statement:

Special Court for Matters Concerning the Nation and the State
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Concerning Human Rights, the rights of "Prisoner of Zion", Ofer Gamliel, his hunger strike, and the conspiring against such activists

The Jewish "political" prisoners are all holy and righteous.

Even those very few with blood on their hands were forced to their actions by a system whose end goal is to eliminate the Jewish nation, to divide its land, to transfer it to foreigners and to abandon its peace to terror and to nuclear threats from outside and from Arab rioters from within. Youths with recognition of the value of their Jewishness are encountering theaters of terror in Jerusalem, and have killed dispicable murderers during their deeds. Without them, it is possible that other despaired youths would take the law in to their hands and would find themselves behind bars as a result of a feeling of destruction and purposeful abandonment of the regime. The natural order in the world which comes from the right of self defense recognized throughout the world is that when there is no justice, there is vengeance. Justice means one law for all. Here in our land, there is no law. There is support for enemies by enlisting the law and the justice system in order to subjugate the Jews. A government that does not protect the Jews and their property and their homeland and will not defeat the enemies from without, will find that the Jewish public will find a way to defend its life and property.

Last night, the holy and righteous prisoner, Ofer Gamliel, was exiled to the jail of Be'er Sheva. Gamliel, the father of seven, is on hunger strike for some ten days after they violated his human rights and even his rights as a prisoner. He does not receive furloughs, not for close family events, and not for Jewish holidays. In contrast, enemies of Israel with blood on their hands, receive masses of visitors, for support, furloughs, higher education, and release in return for bodies of soldiers and citizens... After Ofer Gamliels rights to visits and telephone had been revoked at the beginning of the week, the bar of harassment was raised for a prisoner that will not be broken and will not prostrate himself to the extortion of the GSS which demands from him "confessions", at the cost of his furloughs, regardless if they are true or not, in order to find a way to imprison other lovers of Israel, regardless if they are "guilty" of not.

We call to all the Jewish Knesset members, public figures, and moral people, and in general those that made pledges upon which the new failure government's setup was dependent, to fulfill their pledges to Ofer Gamliel and to work for his immediate release.

The government could have freed Gilad Shalit in many ways which would not have harmed deterrence, but rather the opposite. But it has preferred, instead of releasing Jewish freedom fighters, to approve again with its actions the diagnosis of Israel's enemies of the disintegration of the state. There is a real concern that the abuse of the branches of the government like on the day of the attack on Sternhall, and there will be catastrophic results that many parts of the government hope for, the seeding of dissent and hatred in order to bring down the state of Israel like the vision of the Iranian enemy.

The only way of proving correction of this matter before Rosh Hashana is with giving a furlough to Ofer Gamliel and all the Jewish prisoners, and their pardon by Yom Kippur. Only like this will the president of the state show that his face is not for pleas but for victory over the enemy. If Ofer Gamliel will not receive furlough, we call to all Jews to put Maror on their Rosh Hashana plate, next to the other foods, and to put a key in the challot for hope of salvation and release of the Jews from the hands of their inciters.

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