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[[Category:Legal rulings and opinions to date]]
[[Category:Legal rulings and opinions to date]]
[[Category:Committee for the 'Lost Tribes of Israel']]
[[Category:Committee for the 'Lost Tribes of Israel']]
[[Category:Translation in progress]]
[[he:הכרזה תש"ע תשרי כ"ה]]
[[he:הכרזה תש"ע תשרי כ"ה]]

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Informal translation from Hebrew of the 25 Tishrei, 5770 (13 October 2009) statement:

Committee for the 'Lost Tribes of Israel' (Assimilation and forced conversion)
Tel: 02-5661962, cell 050-6733831, fax: 057-7976007
Email: 47 Rachel Imeinu St. Jerusalem 93228

Meeting of Our State - Jew and Bedouin

Tishrei 25, 5770

3:30pm - Gathering - Informal conversations between participants.
4:00pm - Interviews with the press, continuation of gathering.
4:30 - Opening - Sheikh Salim al-Hozeil - Announcement of founding of the movement "Our State" in cooperation with the movement "Connecting", and on the basis of Jewish-Bedouin cooperative action.
4:40pm - Minister of Internal Security, Mr. Yitzchak Aharonovitz - Words of blessing on the importance of supporting relations on a positive basis.
4:50pm - Mr. Tzvi miSinai , of the movement "Connecting" - For from the south will the good open up, the Bedouin example as an example of peace in the country.
5:00pm - Screening of a film on Palestinian origins.
5:15pm - The head of the education department of Rahat, Dr. Ali al-Hozeil - On Bedouin tradition and cooperation with the Zionist movement.
5:30pm - Founder of the Sanhedrin - Rabbi Tzvi Idan - The halachic approach to those claiming Jewish ancestry.
5:40pm - Secretary of the Sanhedrin - Rabbi Dov Stein - Halachic ambivalence in halacha to returning blood-brothers.
5:50pm - Rabbi Yoel Schwartz, Av Beit Din of the Sanhedrin, world expert on matters of B'nei Noach - The relationship of Judaism to those that choose not to join the nation of Israel.
6:00pm - The Speaker of the Sanhedrin - Rabbi Professor Hillel Weiss - Topic not finalized.
6:10pm - A Bedouin officer in the IDF - On sacrifices of blood-brothers and their source.
6:20pm - Salama al-Tori, representative of the al-Tori tribe - On the sacrifices for the nation of Israel, and the hostile relation received in return.
6:30pm - Open, informal meetings between those present, and continuation of media interviews
7:00pm - End

It is possible that there will be changed in the schedule.

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