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Hachrazah 5769 Kislev 15a

Informal notes in preparation for live broadcast:

These are Rabbi Hollander's informal notes in preparation for the live broadcast. Due to time constraints and the length of time required for translation, not all of it could be aired, but it may prove interesting reading to those interested.

  • Prayer for success: May it please you, Oh! God, that you bless this meeting, that we shall not make mistakes, that we shall continue and increase the understanding, harmony and love between us, and succeed in finding the ways of increasing the understanding, harmony and love between our peoples.
  • We wish to thank Mr. Oktar for his most excellent hospitality, and for enabling our previous meetings which are so valuable to us, and explicitly for this meeting, which gives us an opportunity to respond publicly to his love for us, and declare publicly our love for him and for all people whom he represents. In particular we wish to express our thanks to the very diligent helpers of Mr. Oktar. Without their willing efforts on our behalf, our meetings could not take place.
  • We wish to tell a bit about what this is all about. How do Rabbis, Members of the Nascent Sanhedrin in Jerusalem, come to make such statements?
  • Mr. Oktar is a philosopher, and a lover of humanity. Consequently he is a lover of truth, because every lover of humanity is a person who abhors war, who loves peace and harmony. Peace and Harmony can exist between peoples only if the relationships between peoples are based upon truth.
  • The Sanhedrin, also, has a major purpose of bringing peace and harmony. We are dedicated to this effort. Our tools for doing this are derived from the Holy Torah, given to Humanity by God, the Creator. In a sense, the Holy Torah is analogous to a User Manual to the Great and Intricate Machine, this world in which we all live.
  • Mr. Oktar has, in his diligent studies, discovered the value of studying the Holy Torah for himself, for understanding the Creation, and for understanding Humanity. He has published The Wisdom and Sound Advice from the Torah, and in his quest for peace he has published Islam Against Terror. It is a sign of the inherent goodness of Humanity that so many of these books have been downloaded from the internet, have been read by so many millions of people.
  • Thus we are here to work together with Mr. Oktar on this God-directed project of bringing peace to the world – and naturally, like charity begins at home, the Peace we are working on together also begins in the place we live together, in the Middle East. Mr. Oktar and we are trying to bring peace to the Middle East by uncovering the basic truths of Islam and of Judaism, and bringing these basic truths to Jews and Muslims. Exposure to God's Truth, will undoubtedly bring all honest and spiritually healthy people to live in harmony together.
  • The basic, minimal elements of religion are defined in The Holy Torah, and are called The Seven Laws of Noah. These apply to the relationship between God and Man, the relationship between Man and Man, and the relationship between Man and Animal.
  • These Seven Laws are also contained in the Koran, and indeed by most civilized religions.

They are:

Between Man and God:

1. Belief in One God, not in idolatry.

2. Respect of God and the way others relate to God: prohibition of blasphemy

Between Man and Man:

3. Respect of Human Life: Prohibition of Murder

4. Respect of Property: Prohibition of Theft

5. Respect of Family: Prohibition of improper sexual relations

6. Protection of Society: Society must have a system of courts to ensure following the Laws and Mores of each Society

Between Man and Animal:

7. Refraining from causing unnecessary pain to Animals, such as taking meat from a live animal and eating it,

Between Islam and Judaism there are many more common beliefs:

We both believe in personal responsibility for one's actions, which is expressed in many ways, including a Judgement at the end of one's days,

We both believe in the religious importance and value of doing good deeds, such as Charity in its various forms,

We both believe in the coming of the Messiah,

Reb Benyomin Abrahamson is our adviser on this subject, and we thank him for his diligence and for giving us the benefit of his research..

We believe we can help the efforts of our host in developing the strategy for action within Islamic society, since many of the challenges which are being faced by Islamic society by the aggressive anti-religious secularism and more recently by post-modernism, have been addressed by observant Jews for over 150 years. As you may know, there university professors – in the best universities in the world, and many Nobel Laureates who are strictly religious Jews! Religious, God-fearing and observant Islam can learn from our success in this field!

In fact, in Israel today, in all levels of society, many people have begun to return to religion, and are learning how to serve God as Jews are instructed to do in the Holy Torah. We pray – and have reason to believe – that this trend will continue the unnatural phenomenon of secular Jewry will disappear. The work of Mr. Oktar and his followers will also – please God – bring about such return of all peoples to the One, Almighty God, in all branches of the Muslim world, including the Shi'a, and we believe and pray that we shall soon see, in our days, the time described by the Prophet Isaiah [11,9], in which "the world will be filled with knowledge of God!"