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Legal Adjudication for Soldiers


The purpose of the committee to advise the nascent Sanhedrin on military and security issues.

The committee deals with fundamental security problems, and advises the Sanhedrin so that it can operate in areas where, until now, rabbinical bodies have been unable to deal with them.

In parallel to the committee, a rabbi experienced with military problems was appointed in order to rule for requesting soldiers on halachic questions relevant to the military and characteristic of military activity:

Just like Sabbath observance in emergency situations, illegal orders to desecrate the Sabbath, kashrut problems, and even problems of faith.

Military Advisers

Committee are Dr. Uri Mlistein - Known from many publications in military philosophy and military history.

Eviatar Ben Tzadaf - Former editor of the military thought periodical "Ma'arachot"

Dr. Michael Bronstein - Known for many battle investigations that he helped edit.

Organizer - Rabbi Dov Meir Stein, assisted by members of the Sanhedrin and its institutions.

Reports, Analysis & Opinions

Relationship to the Nascent Sanhedrin

These Reports, Analysis & Opinions have have been submitted to the Sanhedrin in an advisory capacity only, and may or may not reflect the official position of the Sanhedrin. They are the work of the esteemed experts in their field, and are included here to indicate the kind of questions being handled by the Sanhedrin.

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