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Hachrazah 5770 Cheshvon 29 d

Informal translation from Hebrew of the 29 Cheshvon, 5770 (16 November 2009) statement:

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For peace, the Arabs must pay

The State of Israel makes serious errors when it announces that it desires peace. One that wants peace must pay for it. He also loses the chance to surprise his enemy.

The reality is that an Arab or Muslim country which goes to war against us has nothing to lose more than economic damage, and a small amount of land. But Israel has much to lose. It could possible lose it all, including a very threat to the life of all the Jewish citizens. This balance does not encourage any Arab country to make pace, but the balance of loss and gain for every Arab state is better specifically when there is no peace. This situation gives moral legitimacy to starting war at any time. And even more, the chance to protect Israel, from a geographic standpoint at least, is very small.

It is incumbent upon Israel to change the conversation as follows:

1. The State of Israel, per biblical promises, has rights to certain areas, for example all the area until the Euphrates. Likewise, the State of Israel should claim ownership rights on this land up until the “stream of Egypt” (as it appears, the Nile).
2. In any event, the natural northern border with Lebanon is the Litani river at the very least, and it should be until Beirut, as it seems this is the biblical Israelite city - Be’erot. The areas of Gilead and the Bashan are Israeli areas for over 3000 years. If there will be a war, it is incumbent upon the State of Israel to actualize the capture and annexation of areas which were originally part of Israel, and if the circumstances will allow it, those areas which were set for the future borders. Whomever fears controlling foreign nations needs to understand that it is the nation of Israel’s obligation to convert all the nations to observe the Seven Laws of B’nei Noach. This will be an opportunity to actualize this.
3. The state of Israel sees Arab settlement in this area as illegal settlement done under the patronage of imperial countries (Britain in particular) against the law. And furthermore, a substantial portion of these areas were set aside for the nation of Israel by the League of Nations. In any problematic circumstance, it is upon Britain, who created the problem, to absorb this population.
4. The State of Israel owns many lands which were purchased at full price by Israelis, yet lie north of the current border, and even in the south, not in the hands of the state at current. These lands were nationalized by Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, and the “Palestinians” illegally. The state claims from these states the rights to these lands on behalf of their Israeli owners, including financial compensation for their use, per market value.
5. The armistice in place between Israel and Syria and Lebanon is reciprocal. That is the Lebanese and the Syrians have no greater moral power than Israel. Israel reserves the right to surprise attack.
6. The State of Israel, for the sake of true and balanced peace, and is ready to discuss suitable compromise to balance the interests and rights of the sides.
7. The State of Israel, for the sake of true peace, is ready to weigh ceasing its claims on parts of the lands promised to it by the Creator of the World without conceding on the existence of the rights.

A declaration as above would sound shocking, but would completely change the balance of fear in the Middle East. Our Arab neighbors will begin to think about the feasibility of please, and evidently quicker!!

Dov Stein

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