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Urgent and important announcements

Below are urgent and important announcements, opinions and legal rulings that concern the general public. A more complete list of legal rulings and opinions to date can be found here.

  • Concerning's posts during September 2017 concerning "the Sanhedrin" and Messianic Jews. The articles are full of mistakes. Apparently it is a mixed up version of this article. It has nothing to do with the nascent Sanhedrin. was notified several times of their mistake. Based on the anti-semitic and anti-israel comments appearing on those articles on the site, and inaction to remove misinformation, there is reason to doubt the claim of the author that "I am attempting with all my strength to build bridges and create more honest and open dialogue between us." (Elul 16, 5777, 7 Sep 2017)
  • Demand for the Immediate Cancellation of the Nuclear Deal with Iran (Tamuz 29, 5775, 16 July 2015)
  • Demand for apology from the Vatican concerning their recognition of Palestine (Sivan 3, 5775, 21 May 2015)