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Psak 5769 Sivan 5

Informal translation from Hebrew of the Sivan 5, 5769 (28 May 2009) statement:

Special Court for Matters Concerning the Nation and the State
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B"H 5 Sivan 5769
Erev Chag Shavuot

Court ruling on the uprooting of "outposts" by the Israeli government

"If hostile forces come, with murderous intent, to take border towns, or even to steal straw and mulch, [we must NOT give it away to them, but take up arms] even on Shabbos, even outside of the Land of Israel [...lest the border city be taken and the land become more easy to conquer]." (Shulchan Aruch 329)
"And when they say to you, give up one [of the towns], defend it with your lives and do not give in [to their demands]." (Mishneh Torah, Hilchos Yesodei HaTorah 5:5)

We have been thrown into a situation that our forefathers have not known for many generations. Those who hate us [prejudice, bigotry] say brazenly, "deliver up unto us a list of settlements and we will leave you alone". These things are assisted by Jews who deny their heritage, who turn truth into propaganda, and say they are working in the name of justice and law. These are evil times.

We have clarified with legal experts, jurists in international law, experts in the laws of the State of Israel. These individuals do not have any authority to uproot settlements, not by the laws of the state, not by the "laws of the nations" known as International Law. Anyone who assists in these crimes, whether police or soldier, is guilty of a crimes against humanity under international law, and according to the treason laws in Israel.


We call upon everyone to who is in a position to help, to assist those the Jews struggling to keep their homes in the Land of Israel, where ever they are.

Rabbi Prof. Hillel Weiss Native Sanhedrin

Rabbi Dov Stein Secretary of the Sanhedrin

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