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[[Category:Legal rulings and opinions to date]]
[[Category:Legal rulings and opinions to date]]
[[Category:Special Court for Matters Concerning the Nation and the State]]
[[Category:Special Court for Matters Concerning the Nation and the State]]
[[Category:Translation in progress]]
[[he:פסק תשס"ט סיון ה']]
[[he:פסק תשס"ט סיון ה']]

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Informal translation from Hebrew of the Sivan 5, 5769 (28 May 2009) statement:

Special Court for Matters Concerning the Nation and the State
Tel: 02-5661962, cell 050-6733831, fax: 057-7976007
Email: 47 Rachel Imeinu St. Jerusalem 93228

B"H 5 Sivan 5769
Erev Chag Shavuot

Court ruling on the uprooting of "outposts" by the Israeli government

"If hostile forces come, with murderous intent, to take border towns, or even to steal straw and mulch, [we must NOT give it away to them, but take up arms] even on Shabbos, even outside of the Land of Israel [...lest the border city be taken and the land become more easy to conquer]." (Shulchan Aruch 329)
"And when they say to you, give up one [of the towns], defend it with your lives and do not give in [to their demands]." (Mishneh Torah, Hilchos Yesodei HaTorah 5:5)

We have been thrown into a situation that our forefathers have not known for many generations. Those who hate us [In deception and falsehood] say brazenly, "deliver up unto us a list of settlements and we will leave you alone". Those that do their bidding, Jews who aim to ingratiate themselves, distort what is right, and say they are working in the name of justice and law, trouble us.

We have clarified with legal experts in international law, as well as experts in the laws of the State of Israel. These individuals do not have any authority to uproot settlements, not by the laws of the state, not by the "laws of the nations" known as International Law. Anyone who assists in these crimes, whether police or soldier, will be charged with crimes against humanity under international law, and with treason under the Laws of Israel.

Uprooting of settlements in the current reality, and proof is in the matter of the expulsion from Gaza and from northern Samaria, is a severely prohibited. The uprooting is done with zealously and hatred for Jews that observe Torah and sacrifice of themselves for the Land of Israel. There was no reason for the expulsion from the northern Gaza Strip, just like there was no reason for the expulsion of any community. There was no reason for evacuation of northern Samaria, except for the hatred of Israel by Jews that have lost their Jewish essence. Or political bribery by those accused of crimes in order to escape punishment, in their belief (after consulting with experts) that the Judicial System in general, and the Courts in particular are corrupt to their core, with a Hellenistic character, and in exchange for acts of treason, they will erase their indictments, or at least ease their judgments. Jews are known by their character traits: mercifulness, shyness, and doers of kindness.

Those are the ones whose fathers stood at Mount Sinai. And not these cruel people, holding clubs, shattering heads, people whom it is a mitzvah to hate, for behold they are the worst in the community of the Erev Rav.

Uprooting Jewish "outposts" alone, the beginnings of Jewish communities, amid harsh racial discrimination of disregarding the hundreds of Arab outposts, and myriads of illegal and unauthorized houses inside the Green Line and outside it in all parts of our Holy Land, by the hands of the government, is also an initiative and participation in an act of national suicide.

Furthermore, there is no one amongst the heads of the ruling authorities that believe that the expulsion will satisfy anyone in the world. The expulsion is akin to feeding one's arms and legs to a snake so that he should leave the torso alone for the time being. The evil policies that began with "Gush Katif" will continue, G-d forbid, in the area between Gadera and Chadera.

No expulsion ever satisfied the expulsion forces between 1940 and 1945 in Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, or Ukraine. Jews that cooperated in the end paid with their lives.

Adam Czerniaków, the head of the Judenrat in the Warsaw Ghetto, committed suicide when it became clear that hell's appetite would not be satiated. He was a good man, unlike the ingratiates amongst our nation here in the Land of Israel. The communities called "outposts" bother the plans to eliminate the State of Israel and its Jews. The demands of Obama, Ahmadinejad, Abu Mazen, and all the other leaders of the nations, are the same: "The name of Israel shall not be called again."

The division of Jerusalem, the cessation of building in all of the neighborhoods of Jerusalem from after 5727. The agreement to distribute the Holy Land to foreigners, retreat (which for sure will be temporary, until the next surrender) to the borders of the Partition. Erasing the Jewish identity of the state, shaking off of the Temple Mount, the heart of the Jewish nation, and the settling of millions of foreigners in strategic locations, from which the communities will be evacuated. Behold these are all in all steps on the global chess board to eliminate the Jewish State and harass Jews in every place on the planet so that they will not be able to find a place to which to flee. The communities which they are plotting to uproot behold they are the Tefillin of the Nation of Israel, about which it is written "Who is like Your nation, Israel, a single nation in the land". Is it conceivable that the those on a sinking boat will save themselves by throwing their Tefillin out to sea?

If the Iranians and their allies were to succeed, G-d forbid, in destroying the State of Israel, they would also destroy all of its Jews and Arabs with weapons of mass destruction, and they would forget all of their intermediary goals. The government of Israel, in its evil behavior, is pursuing Jews alone, and giving backing and encouragement for all haters of Israel.

We call upon all Jews of the world, and to all Gentiles who have accepted upon themselves the seven mitzvot of B'nei Noach, and all those that ally themselves to the nation of G-d to express disgust from the anticipated actions of this government that profanes the Name of G-d in public.

We call upon all those whom are able to join the Jews that are struggling for their homes in the Land of Israel, and in any place that they are to be found.

Rabbi Prof. Hillel Weiss Spokesman of the Sanhedrin

Rabbi Dov Stein Secretary of the Sanhedrin

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This ruling in the news