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Psak 5769 Nisan 1 Appendix A

While the nascent Sanhedrin has not attempted to ascertain the veracity of any of these claims, it did see fit to reiterate the halachic position forbidding the transfer of national, religious, and spiritual assets to foreign sovereignty. The court also pointed out the illegality, illegitimacy and potentially disastrous results of the efforts of those both inside the government and outside it which appear to be doing so. - Webmaster

The direction of religious policy of the Vatican.

Summary of issues presented by Dr. Daisy Stern

Starting with the founding of the state, 61 year ago, it can be seen that in reality the Church never accepted the fact that the State of Israel had sovereignty over Jerusalem and its religious assets. This is true in both a political sense and especially in a theological sense.


The more so is the reality 41 years ago following the Six Day War and after application of Israeli sovereignty - formally the Greater Jerusalem there any mention of historical enough if we'll list the visit of Pope Paul 6 "Holy Land" in 1963 where he ignored all recognize Israeli sovereignty government.

At the beginning of the 90 increase in the policy of the church opening a dialogue with the World Jewish Congress, Bronfman challenge below normalization of relations between the Church and the Jewish people. This system ties Hioth lead began to talk in between the church and the Government of Israel. Ministry of Foreign Affairs, headed by Shimon Peres and Yossi Beilin וסגנו calls reached agreement on certain classified information to the Israeli public that there is clear but Mhdlfot. At the same time, since the channel is secret dialogue with the church normalization of relations with the Jewish people and Israel - which are the expectations from the church the great influence on the public believes Itzmtzmm the hatred of anti-Semitism against the Jewish people and Israel.

The other hand - the church systematically expect the State of Israel recognize its own authorities to hold the church in Jerusalem, religious institutions across the country [such as Mount Zion in the village of Nahum the language of the Sea of Galilee]. Expression, which is a result this requirement is, to cancel the property tax payments to the state church must.

In recent years, with עלייתו government of Ehud Olmert talks came on the very positive stripes - Measurement of the church, and is managed two - regular dialogue between the sides of the trend towards the complete visit of the Pope during the near, the Church does not hides the Mgmth bring Lbinaum Jerusalem. Hotrt intermediate step is to hold the authorities to "religious properties," but the main trend is to remove capital from the state to rule in Jerusalem and led by internationally - the United Nations certainly way you can weave the wire seal Shitbio church in a more concrete on the whole of Jerusalem.

Latest התבטא while outgoing Prime Minister Ehud Olmert to declare these things in the spirit offered as part of a solution to Palestinian problems between Israel, headed by the Palestinian Jerusalem to take over the ownership of Jerusalem, headed by the UN International unparsed entity.

In light of this reality has to do an act and expose thwart these trends by the new Israeli government headed by Mr. Netanyahu and Foreign Minister Mr. Avigdor Lieberman, of trust on the rule of Jewish Jerusalem and avoid full Mlasr each document Hmkna hold any church in Jerusalem.

The day before the end of government was a meeting between people from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Boatikan. - Preparing to visit the pope. Please check whether the signature קידמו?

Aaron Abramovich - contact on behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Shmuel Ben Shmuel מנצור hand were in Rome. Have to find out what was signed between them secretly.

There are rumors again - 7 / 4 Hutikan will be a meeting between Minister of Foreign Affairs (Katoliim newspapers in Italy), handlebar agreements executed by the process below.

Mrs. Doctor Daisy Stern commission many efforts coordinated multiple documents attached to this summary, which Mtzteirt policy of the church in the spirit of things above.

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Dr. Daisy Stern has provided as series of documents to the court. An informal review of this information follows:

The most relevant are these:

Dr. Daisy Stern also provided analysis and other documents to the court which attempt to provide context to the above reports. Some of the documents include: continue negotiating a treaty that would confirm the fiscal status of the Church in Israel, and safeguard her properties, especially the sacred places, as well as bring about restitution of some that have been lost over time.
Interest has been aroused by the fact that this time the communiqué speaks of "progress" that was achieved, beyond repeating the usual references to an atmosphere of "great cordiality"
According to some sources, former Prime Minister Ehud Barak had promised to hand over the Cenacle to the Church to Pope John Paul II during his historic visit to Israel in March 2000.
Whatever the case, it has been known for quite a while that the issue is on the agenda of the Joint Holy See-Israel Commission. In fact, the Joint Commission is scheduled to meet tomorrow in Jerusalem to iron out some issues relating the 1993 Fundamental Agreement which has not yet been implemented in Israel.

More information can be obtained by writing Dr. Daisy Stern or the Secretary of the nascent Sanhedrin.