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Psak 5767 Av 23

Informal translation from Hebrew of the 5 Iyyar, 5766 (3 May, 2006) statement:

Legal Adjudication for Soldiers
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Expulsion of Jews from Hebron and strengthening the soldiers refused to comply

As a result of requests from the families facing expulsion in Hebron: What is the opinion of the court on the decision of the High Court (of the State of Israel) which gave a stamp of approval to the expulsion of family from “Mitzpeh Shalhevet” neighborhood?

  • The decision of the court called “The High Court for Justice”, rejecting the claim of the families living in the Mitzpeh Shalhevet neighborhood, opens the door for the government of Israel to expel families and their children from their homes in Hebron, the city of the forefathers.
  • This clearly expresses shows that the “High Court of Justice” is ridding itself of the last signs of it being a being a court with Jewish trappings.
  • There are two essential messages that the nation of Israel has put out from Hebron, city of the forefathers. One: From there went out the tidings from the Creator of the World to Abraham, father of the nation, that to him and his offspring will be the land, from the river of Egypt until the Euphrates. The second: There, the Jewish nation received its significant signs as merciful, shy, and doers of kindness (Beitza 32b)
  • A substantial portion of the nations of the world believe in the Bible and its message, and believe in the values that Abraham, our father, endowed to the world.
  • Two ruling bodies in our land have shed these principle concepts of Judaism.
  • The government of Israel conducts negotiations at this time for setting up a Palestinian state in the heart of the land of the Bible, and expulsion of Jews from Hebron is the beginning of the punishment, G-d forbid.
  • Thus the members of the government show that they have sold their Judaism for their chairs and power.
  • The joining of the Judicial Advisor to the Government and the “High Court of Justice” in the journey to banish Jews from their homes in Hebron, teaches that the judges of the High Court are missing a Jewish heart. Therefore, until they repent, they have removed themselves from the bounds of the children of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, whose defining characteristic is that they are merciful.
  • The cries of the 70 murdered Jews of the 1929 riots are not heard by the uncircumcised ears of the court.
  • The court, which should have stood by the descendants of the murdered and return their stolen property, nullifies with a high hand the documents proving the Jewish ownership of the marketplace. Instead of standing by the oppressed, they have been defined as someone who enters their property through the window as night-time burglars.
  • Not as burglars do the Jews of Hebron come to their home, but rather as right holders as the children returning to the city of their fathers.
  • On the other hand, the court opened in wickedness, a wide opening to the children of Arab murderers to enter as a member of the family to the houses of the murdered whose blood calls out to heaven, and thus it accepts the murders and helps stealing the homes.
  • Therefore, this court again warns the families to be careful at a time of negotiation with the authorities that have proven that “their mouths speak vanities and their right hand is the right hand of lies”. Therefore do not sign an agreement unless it already holds the signature of the Prime Minister with proper safety.
  • It becomes clear again, that the High Court is worse than all the courts of the gentiles, judges full of venom and hatred to everything Jewish, anything upon which the stamp of Israel resides.
  • Even the enlightened Torah observant judges use words of Torah in order to uproot Torah. Therefore do not appeal to the High Court until after receiving agreement from an authorized (rabbinic) court.
  • And to the government of Israel, it is said: A government sends three thousand soldiers to expel two families from the city of the forefathers instead of sending them to burn the terrorist nests in Gaza, has no right to exist. The Jewish nation will vomit out a government like this.
  • The blood of the 70 who were murdered will pursue every minister in the government and every judge that helps enacting the laws of Sodom in Hebron, city of the forefathers.
  • This court sends its blessing to all soldiers that refused to help with the expulsion from Hebron, and their reward is very great. On the other hand, rabbis who give their agreement to expulsion, are direct accomplices to this sin. Soldier! Put before your eyes the words of our sages: “In a place where there is desecration of the Name of G-d, we do not pay attention to respect to a rabbi”!

There is no greater desecration of the Name of G-d than official expulsion of Jews from their city, the city of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and the city of the kingdom of David.

And anyone that helps the expulsion, a minister in the government, an officer in the army, a soldier in the IDF, and even a rabbi in Israel will in the future have to stand in judgment.

Rabbi Hillel Weiss
Rabbi Yisrael Ariel
Rabbi Dov Stein

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