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Psak 5766 Av 14

Informal translation from Hebrew of the 14 Av, 5766 (8 August, 2006) statement:

Special Court for Matters Concerning the Nation and the State
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Summary Decisions of the Meeting of the Sanhedrin, 14th Av 5766

The Sanhedrin, as it is being formed, will concern itself with preparing leadership in Israel according to the Torah, and will advance Torah law, and the law of the kingdom, and its arrangements, and will bind the law of Torah and the laws of the kingdom in to one essence.

In this end, the Sanhedrin will work to advance public awareness of the need for a Sanhedrin, among other things, by dealing with matters which concern all of Israel, and requests coming from the public.

It will work towards invigorating the public look at the uniqueness of the commandments of the Torah in our days. The Sanhedrin will concentrate on public commandments, in which the stance of the Sanhedrin is essential in halacha: Kingdom, sanctification of time, building of the Temple, war, sacrifices for the sins of the public and guilt of the judges. The Sanhedrin will work towards setting up a Torah judicial system in every city.

To this end, it will turn tirelessly to rabbis and those that hold the Torah so that they will be integrated in to the Sanhedrin and its representation.

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