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Issues on the agenda to be discussed a future sessions

  1. New elections and appointments of judicial, diplomatic and administrative officers.
  2. Formation of a framework for collaboration between scholars of Jewish Law and scientific academics on various scientific subjects from the standpoint of halacha, for example:
    1. Concerning the laws of kashrus, measurement of food absorption in utensils taking into account the materials from which they were made.
    2. The determination, for the purposes of Jewish Law, the moment of death [which has significant implications in donor transplants].
    3. Organ transplants, procedures and their halachic implications.
    4. Foreign languages in legal testimony, and its use in liturgy and ritual obligations.
    5. An examination of the possibilities to provide for a correction in the Jewish Calendar, as it begins to deviate to a point greater than what is permitted according to the Torah and Jewish Law.
  3. Efforts towards unity and healing among the various divisions of the people of Israel.
  4. The examination of the method and application of drawing close members of the Jewish nation who have become distant [from their faith and traditions].

  5. Responding to the expiration of the time-limited legal decrees of Rabbeinu Gershom (prohibiting polygamy, etc), [which were decreed for 1000 years and expired a few years ago].
  6. The Jewish status and conversion of the "lost tribes of Israel", maranos and other forced converts.
  7. Confronting the demoralization of society.
  8. Being available to support the developing Bnei Noah movement, that it should become a leading faith in the world.