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One can mail donations to the above address made out to the name:  
One can mail donations to the above address made out to the name:  
"סנהדרין – בית דין גדול של 71 ע"ר
סנהדרין – בית דין גדול של 71 ע"ר
Donations can be sent to:
Donations can be sent to:

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Rabbincal Scholars!

We turn to anyone for whom the matter is dear to their heart to think about suitable candidates and to suggest them to the organization in order to add them to the Beit Din and to help convince candidates to join.

A suitable candidate is a Talmid Chacham (though not necessarily a big communal leader), with a brave heart, independent, and able to take responsibility and make inventive decisions, while maintaining strict adherence to the bounds of the halachah transmitted from Sinai. A nationwide judicial system is necessary, as every community with at least 120 residents requires a small Sanhedrin. That is to say there is a need for thousands of judges.


By the same token we are seeking volunteers who will assist in various subjects related to the leadership and administration of the Jewish nation.

In particular professionals in the fields of computers, the Internet, statistics and demography, political science, jurists, physicians, international relations, public administration, philosophy, research, both applied and theoretical.

The most important thing, in any event, is that you support and assist in any way possible.

If you are interested in volunteering for various tasks required by the developing Sanhedrin, you can fill out the online questionnaire and submit it to the re-established Jewish Sanhedrin. Some of the more urgent tasks needed now include translating, distributing material, explaining the role and operation of the Sanhedrin, encouraging wider acceptance, etc. As the Sanhedrin develops, other tasks may include giving testimony, submitting bills to the legislature, publications, diplomacy, etc.

Translation and Publication

The members of the Sanhedrin work voluntary. The activity of the Sanhedrin is constantly growing and the current members do not have enough hours available to handle the increasing number of issues.

The Sanhedrin is looking for volunteers from various professional fields.

  • Organization
  • Editing
  • Translation into different languages into Hebrew
  • Experts in various science
  • Photography
  • Presentations
  • Public relations

Anyone willing to donate time is requested to notify the secretary of the Sanhedrin, accompanied by an estimate how much time they can donate a week. Dov Stein 025661962

Economic Basis

One of the most burning problems is the problem of financing the activities of the Sanhedrin. The Sanhedrin currently convenes once a month, and the result is that the matters of the nation of Israel are delayed. The rabbis act on a volunteer basis. This is a Sanhedrin of haters of profit. As a result, its members pay from their time and wallet in order to maintain its activities.

So that Talmidei Chachamim can sit in peace and deal with the problems of the nation of Israel in a swift fashion, problems that have been awaiting solutions for thousands of years, it is necessary to develop sources of funding for renting a suitable building and for furniture and a way of bringing rabbis and financing their stay. As a reminder that at the times when the Sanhedrin was in its full glory, the salary for each member of the Sanhedrin was 100 maneh per year.

It is not so good that members receive money from currently existing organizations, then they would be full of connections and be "bought", therefore it is imperative to develop an independent economic system that will finance the ability of the rabbis to sit on a regular basis to study the problems and to find their solutions.

The economic source needs to be positive, building, and independent.

One can mail donations to the above address made out to the name:

סנהדרין – בית דין גדול של 71 ע"ר

Donations can be sent to:

Sanhedrin - Beit Din Gadol of 71 Rachel Imeinu 47 Jerusalem 93228

Telephone 025661962 Cellular 0506733831 Telefax 025664137