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Informal translation from Hebrew of the 26 Tishrei, 5770 (14 October 2009) statement:

Committee for Matters of Health and Ecology
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Opinion of the Sanhedrin Court [Health and Ecology Commission], concerning the Mexico Flu vaccine (also known as Swine Flu)

Per the information released to the public since the beginning of this last summer from health officials in Israel and worldwide, it is possible, in extreme cases, for an outbreak of a severe epidemic which will very much endanger much of the population of Israel in a life threatening manner. According to the most current data, more than forty people have died from the disease, but all but about five of them had other serious diseases, and the actual cause of death is unclear.

Authorities of the Health Ministry are ready to vaccinate the population in a systematic manner, according to the level of expected risk.

Three months ago, Dr. Daisy Stern, a medical doctor by profession, petitioned the Sanhedrin, and presented in front of the court worrisome data on defects in the ingredients, the manner in which decisions were made, the whole judgment process, many of which pointed to professional negligence and even seemingly purposeful negligence.

The Court cannot decide on the matter of findings which have been published up until now on the internet, because it did not have all the proper tools to evaluate this testimony.

Due to concern for her words, the Court of the Sanhedrin located a virologist professor, Maureen Friedman, an active, prestigious, known researcher in known scientific institutions in Israel, and decided to present her testimony as it has been received. Per her statement, when Dr. Daisy Stern’s position was presented to her, she did not accept it, however, as time went on and she investigated the matter herself, she changed her original stance in certain ways. The following is the testimony of Professor Maureen Friedman in the Court of the Sanhedrin on the 24th of Cheshvan (November 10, 2009).


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