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Havat Daat 5767 Cheshvon 28

Informal translation from Hebrew of the 28 Cheshvon, 5767 (20 November, 2006) statement:

Special Court for Matters Concerning the Nation and the State
(Operating Autonomously)

Justices of the Special Court for Matters Concerning the Nation and the State interrogated

Judges of the Court for Matters of Nation and State (which is under the patronage of the Sanhedrin, but acts independently) are being investigated by the police on the matter of the letter to officer Harel Weinberg.

Shimon ben-Shatach, Rabbi Shimon bar-Yochai, the holy Tana, and Yehuda ben-Baba, who was killed for continuing ordination in Israel, these all are the rabbis of every Sanhedrin in Israel. No authoritative force can defeat the Torah of Israel which protects and saves Israel, by the grace of G-d, from every religious persecution and destruction.

As the Speaker of the Sanhedrin, I repeat my announcement to the IDF Spokesperson from the 20th of Elul 5766, in which he claimed that the Court is threatening the officer.

The Court for Matters of Nation and State, under the patronage of the Sanhedrin, does not threaten but rather decides according to the laws of Israel. Everything that is done in the name of Israel is under the authority of the Court, including criticizing the invalid norms of the IDF, the government, the judicial system, or whomever acts on their behalf, that misleads the Jews, whom all of them, whether they desire or not, are under the authority of the Torah, which was cut as a covenant with them at Sinai, on the plains of Moab, and on Mount Gerizim, and is renewed daily. The instructions of the Court are repairing instructions which come to remove an obstacle from the army which is the Army of Israel. Therefore the army needs to thank the Court. Obedience to the Torah an the obligation of holiness in the army camps of G-d, which is all of Israel, will contribute to the victories of the IDF in its wars, and G-d forbid the opposite should occur. Expulsion of Jews from their homes is a grave error, desecration of G-d's name in front of the nations of the world, and abuse of your Jewish brother, which causes the Divine Presence to depart, and to defeat in battle, and until the expelling Jew repents on such a serious matter, he should sit outside of the camp, alone, and therefore we decided according to halacha.

Rabbi Hillel Weiss - Speaker of the Sanhedrin

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