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Havat Daat 5766 Sivan 24a

Informal translation from Hebrew of the 24 Sivan, 5766 (20 June, 2006) statement:

Special Court for Matters Concerning the Nation and the State
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The Israeli court system: its persecution of Rabbinical authorities; and secularizing the Jewish state through granting of citizenship to foreign workers

The Judicial System and the persecution of rabbis

A representative of the Sanhedrin stands behind the important rabbis, the Chief Rabbi of Tzfat Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu shlit”a, and the Chief Rabbi of Kiryat Motzkin Rabbi David Drukman shlit”a, who instructed according to halacha without fear and stand against the controlling elite of academia, the media, and the prosecution, acting in a discriminatory fashion. In academia, the media, and the prosecution, there is complete freedom of speech, whereas the world of Torah is constantly under attack. As opposed to those upon which there is no public responsibility, a rabbi is required to say his word, and if not, he is not a rabbi!

We call to all of the rabbis to express proper solidarity with the honorable rabbis whose honor is the honor of Torah, and not to fear at all. Furthermore, we call to dedicate classes to the obligation of the rabbi in public matters, community and all of Israel in the face of the persecution of the authorities, and to examine the boundaries of the commandment of “do not fear” and its historical examples and to proclaim the punishment of public leaders and spiritual shepherds who evade their responsibilities due to fear of the authorities and the media.

On the government’s decision for citizenship for the children of foreign workers

The sick desire to destroy the State of Israel as the State of the Jews cries from amidst a disgusting stream of legislation which comes from governmental decisions which serve to uproot the name of Israel and to separate the state from its Jews, for example in the government’s decision in the matter of giving citizenship to the children of foreign workers. The hatred towards the Jewish majority, a majority who are traditional Jews, Torah observant, and large families, pushes the regime to release every rein and to strengthen those who are not Jewish in the state. There is no country in the world that gives separate citizenship to minors, sons of foreign workers. The State of the Jews is not an immigration state! In its essence, it is a State of Aliyah! The ingathering of the Jewish exiles! But even if this state acted like proper immigrant countries, there is still place to separate between residency and citizenship.

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