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Hachrazah 5775 Sivan 3

Special Court for Matters Concerning the Nation and the State
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B"H 3 Sivan, 5775

Demand for apology from the Vatican concerning their recognition of Palestine
In G-D, one & unique king of the universe, we trust

Pope Francis
Apostolic Palace
00120 Vatican City State, EUROPE
Re: Demand for apology

Dear Pope Francis,

With all due respect and honor, we turn to to you regarding the conduct and recently reported statements of the Vatican.

It has been reported that the Vatican has officially recognized the official body known as the 'Palestinian Authority' as a state, and has begun to refer to it as such in official documents.

It has also been reported that his honor has called the Chairman of the Palestinian Authority an “Angel of Peace.” An explanation from the Vatican suggested that this was to encourage the Chairman to move forward with the peace process.

Unfortunately, these recent actions by his honor are part of a a long history of activity and positions on behalf of the Roman Catholic Church, which apparently has never abandoned its mission to persecute the People of Israel for its refusal to recognize your savior as the Messiah of Israel and to surrender to its religious doctrine.

By the grace of the Almighty that promised to return the nation of Israel to its Land and gather our exiles, the Jewish nation has merited its resurgence and has established itself on its Land through the establishment of the State of Israel and the gathering of our people from exile. Therefore, all of the territory of the entirety of the Land of Israel, from the Euphrates to the Nile is hers by right.

The recent statements and activities of the Vatican are a slap in the face of the Jewish nation, and the Bible, through which you reaffirm your interpretations of the prophesies that G-d has abandoned and forsaken the original people of Israel.

Reality proves the opposite.

We demand from you, an apology for the Vatican's encouragement of the occupying entity of the Land of Israel, known as the Palestinian Authority, and by referring to it as a “state.” Further, we demand that you immediately instruct the Vatican that the sole claimant of divine right to the Land of Israel is the nation of Israel. This will certainly contribute much more to genuine peace than encouraging your “angel of peace,” who till now, has only contributed hostility and war.

We were surprised at how you could bestow such such honor on a man who is a Holocaust denier, who refuses to allow even one Jew to live in “his” future state, let alone become a citizen of such, while at same time that the State of Israel, the Jewish Nation, whether willingly or unwillingly, hosts on its land over three million Arabs.

If his honor and the Vatican do not respond within two weeks of receipt of this letter, and does not depart from this path, we will consider requiring you stand trial before the Court of Mount Zion, before a session of seventy-one Jewish Elders of Zion, to fulfill the verses: “And the saviors of Mount Zion shall ascend to judge the mountain of Esau, and G-d will have the kingdom.” (Obadiah 1:21) “On that day, G-d will be One and His Name shall be One.” (Zechariah 14:9)

In blessing, may you guide your personal flock in the path of truth and grace, and may you merit full repentance before the Lord, and request forgiveness from the Jewish people for all of the church's machinations and crimes against them. You should note that the only country in the Middle East where Christians are not being persecuted and murdered is Israel.

At this time, one should note that the Hand of G-d is already striking Europe. Through the growth of Islam, it is being overrun and we are witnessing the West surrendering to its own occupation.

It is incumbent upon you to consider carefully the situation of Christians throughout the Islamic world, and weigh your words carefully. By granting backing to Islam, Rome can only become a victim.

Respectfully, Rabbi Dov Stein – secretary The Secretariat of the Court of Mount Zion

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Concerning the relationship of this ruling to the nascent Sanhedrin, see this link. If the Vatican does not respond, the Special Court for Matters Concerning the Nation and the State will consider elevating this by requesting a full meeting of the nascent Sanhedrin to review this issue (there has not been a full meeting since 2005). Since there have been questions about Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz shlita's view of this ruling: We wish to clarify that he has not been involved in the discussions of the subcourts and committees since they were formed in 2005.

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Elders of the Sanhedrin open a historic trail against Pope Francis and US President Barack Obama on Mt. Zion, September 9, 2015. (Photo: Breaking Israel News)

71 elders of Israel who identify themselves as the Sanhedrin gathered Wednesday on Mount Zion in a historic trial bringing to judgement Pope Francis and US President Barack Obama in absentia. The rabbis called the two leaders to trial for crimes leading to the mortal endangerment of Israel and the Jewish nation.

After appointing each of the judges to sit on the nascent Sanhedrin, silver horns, similar to those used in the service of the Jewish Temples, and shofars (rams horns), were blown. The trial was opened with the statement: “Joyous is the nation who hears the shofar. Joyous is the nation who knows that this is their land. When will it be that we hear the shofar of the Messiah?”

Members of the Sanhedrin blow silver horns and shofars to open the trial. (Photo: Breaking Israel News)

The central issue the Sanhedrin focused on during the trial was the changing global tide against Israel and the Jews. Among the various points brought up by each rabbi on the Sanhedrin, the main theme centered on the long trail of diplomacy mislabeled as a peace process, the misguided and dangerous nuclear deal with Iran and recent attempts to appease the world of Israel as it murders Christians in Arab countries.

The strongest charges were made against the Pope, who recently recognized a “State of Palestine” with an official treaty. According to the Sanhedrin, the Pope, who claims to accept the Bible that states clearly that the land of Israel was given to the Jews, has placed the world in grave danger.

It was agreed beforehand that for the trial to be a true judgment, a counsel must be found who would represent the defendants in absentia with a strong belief in his case. Rabbi Yehoshua Hollander, who was until recently the Foreign Minister of the Sanhedrin, acted as counsel for the defense and brought forth compelling arguments that were difficult to refute.

While Hollander agreed that the facts as stated by the Sanhedrin were accurate and irrefutable, he claimed that each of the defendants were innocent nonetheless and offered three factors that would lead the Sanhedrin to withhold judgement from the defendants.

The first case, defense by circumstance, justified the actions of the Pope and Obama in light of ameliorating circumstances. The second case, defense by deflection, attributed part of the guilt to others. The third defense, defense by lack of intent, claimed that there was no criminal intent behind the actions of the two leaders. By Jewish law, lacking of criminal intent exonerates the defendant from the criminal charges but would nevertheless leave the defendant liable for all damages caused by his behavior.

Hollander reasoned that the Pope was faced with massive slaughter of his followers, and therefore his attempts to placate Islam were not directed against the Jewish People. He also diverted some of the guilt from the accused by implicating the Israeli government, who have acknowledged the Palestinian claims, thereby misleading the defendants and being complicit in the crime.

The same can be said about Obama, which Hollander explained, “When he took office, the sanctions were working, albeit not quickly enough. Thus the first defense, defense by circumstance, is not available.”

Hollander did try to justify the president’s actions by claiming that they appears to be based on hope. “I would claim that President Obama had no criminal intent,” he stated. “He said that he believes that by making Iran a member of world Leadership, they would drop their intent of bombing Israel. It is not criminal to hold such a hope.”

In the end, the Sanhedrin did not come out with any specific judgement against the Pope and Obama, rather judgements directed at their policies and actions. Rabbi Hillel Weiss, spokesman and secretary of the Sanhedrin, explained to Breaking Israel News, “It was the decision of the Sanhedrin to declare that it is forbidden for the United States Congress to agree to any process with Iran until they recognize Israel as the Jewish state according to the Holy Bible, based on a history that includes the Temple on Har Moriah in Jerusalem, and they must agree to the removal and disposal of any nuclear weapons in their possession.”

Counsel for the defense, Hollander made clear his motivations behind his passionate defense of Obama and the Pope. “There is a problem in the world today, and rather than separate ourselves, the Jews should be leading and accompanying them in order to help,” he told Breaking Israel News. “We need to be joining together. We can do this because have a long history of going into other countries and coexisting for mutual benefit.”

Rabbi Daniel Stavsky, an elder on the Sanhedrin, told Breaking Israel News following the trial that Israel must learn from the lessons of the Holocaust in order to protect the future of the state and the nation.

“They cannot forget or deny this, so the haters of Israel cannot allow themselves to do this again. Esau is sending Ishmael to kill us in a completion of the Holocaust,” he told Breaking Israel News. “They pray to idols and to death. They talk about human rights, which include the right to a homeland. But they don’t consider Jews to be humans, so we don’t have these rights. It is not just the land, but also the title of the Chosen People that they deny. They are stealing our body and our soul. They are against Israel because they cannot allow us to fulfill the prophecy of returning to the land.”

The next gathering of the Sanhedrin will be October 8, for further investigation into the judgement.


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