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Hachrazah 5770 Tishrei 13

Informal translation from Hebrew of the 15 Cheshvan, 5770 (2 November 2009) statement:

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Declaration of the Rabbis of Israel regarding the Convocations of Gentiles in Jerusalem on Succot-Tabernacles

As the signs of the Redemption of Israel become clearer and more patent, as the exiles are in-gathered and the county is built up with Jerusalem as its capital, many gentiles are drawn to G-d's People, Israel. Some of them have good intentions; others of them have ulterior ones, plotting to take a stand against the G-d of Israel and the Mashiach [Messiah], descendant of the House of David, of whom it is written “ No stranger shall sit on his throne nor shall others inherit his honor “.

Those among the gentiles who aspire to convert the Jewish people from their religion, the true religion, which was given at Sinai and shall never be replaced by another, are not friends of Israel, and they do not come to accompany the people of G-d. Therefore they cannot be considered righteous nations who have gathered to join the G-d of Abraham.

Until now it has been proven that they have caused grave damage in converting Jews from their pure faith by teaching them to call their messiah the "mashiach of the Jewish people" and to mislead them with false hopes of redemption.

As the holiday of Succot-Tabernacles approaches, the nations of the world are judged and atoned for by the seventy sacrificial bulls as in the Jewish holiday prayers. These nations are destined in the future to ascend to the mountain of the House of G-d, as prophesied by the prophets Isaiah and Micah. In contrast, there are those who estrange themselves from the prophecy, those who profess the faith of Christianity and try to attract the Jews to their religion as they have always done throughout history, to rob the words of the Jewish prophets and to appropriate them for themselves and their false pagan belief in a son of G-d whose name they trumpet through the streets of Jerusalem.

Unfortunately there are many important Jews, some in positions of authority and power, and even men of religion and intellectuals who give legitimacy and recognition to those whose motives are not pure.

The greatest of the rabbis of our generation, the Chief Rabbis and the Council of the Chief Rabbinate and G-d-fearing rabbis from all sectors have condemned the malicious motives masked so graciously and have called upon the Jewish people to keep their distance from whatever carries with it the mark of gentile belief.

It is forbidden to benefit from the generosity and support of those who look forward to the day when they will replace of the People of Israel and their G-d.

We call upon the leaders of Jerusalem, government ministers, Knesset members, and all of those who benefit in various ways from the financial or other support of the missionaries, both covert and overt, not to encourage parades and assemblies, ceremonies and symbols. Some of these symbols deliberately have more than one meaning. We call upon them to stand firm in the name of the One G-d of the People of Israel and to sanctify His name publicly. It is imperative to refuse to accept supportive contributions from organizations, religious leaders and personalities who come in the name of their alien faith.

May G-d bless those gentiles who recognize the unity and sanctity of the people of Israel and who are willing to accept the duty of the commandments which obligate them as Sons of Noah and by virtue of their faith in the holy Torah which was given to the Jewish people at Sinai.

Rabbi Dov Lior, Head of the Rabbis of YeSh"A, Chief Rabbi of Hebron
Sanhedrin's Rabbis
YeSh"A Rabbinical Committee – secretary, Rabbi Yishai Baba"d

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