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Hachrazah 5770 Teves 2

Informal translation from Hebrew of the 1st Teves, 5770 (18 December 2009) statement:

Special Court for Matters Concerning the Nation and the State
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2 Tevet, 5770
Eighth Night of Chanukah (erev Shabbos)

Zvia Sariel released today after false arrest

Tzvia Sariel is being released today after her false arrest by the oppressive judicial system, which degrades, even according to its own values, human dignity and plots against its freedom. With uncompromising, almost childish malice, Shai Nitzan, an oppressor of Israel, second to the legal adviser to the government, tried to delay her release at the last second.

Together with this, we should not forget Itai Zer, a resident of Chavat Gilad in Samaria, an additional sacrifice for the system which specializes in blood libels, is still sitting in jail when he has not committed a crime. Additional Jewish prisoners who were forced in to desperate acts by the same libelous, degrading, and oppressive system, serve long prison terms. On the other hand, the supposed advocates of justice, the knights of the rule of enlightened law desire to advance the wholesale release of Arab terrorists with blood on their hands in order to push further desperate Jews against the wall.

Tzvia Sariel is fighting a battle, with none more justified, for the sake of victory over evil and the uprooting of the foreign law which has prevailed over the nation of Israel as it wages a desperate war against the weak, and singles this foreign law out as the source for all the illnesses.

If one sees that troubles are coming upon Israel, go and check the judges of Israel.[1]

Tzvia Sariel again announced that she is willing to be judged only in front of a Torah court, and she does not recognize the authority of the secular court system. Thus she points out the real purpose of the national struggle of the nation of Israel, whose basis is the only natural law which obligates Jews, the laws of Torah and no others.

Thus Tzvia Sariel provides an example for her nation like Yehudit, daughter of Matityahu, who recognized the truth before the rest of her generation.

It should be noted that the irrational oppression and hatred expressed by those who hate the Torah and those who observe it (among which Shai Nitzan stands at the head, acting like the apostates appearing constantly throughout the history of decrees against the nation of Israel, who have always stood with the greatest haters of Israel) explains the motives for the evil.

From the beginning of her struggle, the Court for Matters of Nation and State, headed by Rabbi Yisrael Ariel, has backed Tzvia Sariel and even instructed the court system to release her from her arbitrary incarceration before, on the 7th of Adar 5758. Rare judges who were not compromised by the system followed the instructions of the Court and brought Tzvia Sariel before the Court for Matters of Nation and State, which decided for her release. Indeed then she was released after three days due to doubt, in which Judge Nava Bechor revealed the blood libel against the Jewish girls.

We call to the entire community of rabbis from all streams to declare their position in this affair, like in the Har Bracha Hesder Yeshiva affair, and to strengthen the force of Torah law in Israel by setting up a system of courts in every city and town, in order to advance the vision of Justice Minister Ne’eman, the vision of Torah, which sets that the law of Torah will be the law of the land of Israel. “Judges and officers you shall set up in all of your gates… so that you should live and inherit the land.”[2] There is no time more appropriate than now for this matter.

Rabbi Yisrael Ariel – Head of the Court
Rabbi Hillel Weiss
Rabbi Dov Stein

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  1. Rebi Yosi ben Elisha taught: If you see a generation that has plenty of troubles, check the judges of Israel, for all punishments come to the world only because of Jewish judges... The Holy One, Blessed is He, only allows His Presence to dwell on Israel once the evil judges and enforcers are gone from Israel. (Shabbos 139a)
  2. Devarim (Deuteronomy) 16:18

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