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Hachrazah 5770 Cheshvon 29

Informal translation from Hebrew of the 29 Cheshvon, 5770 (16 November 2009) statement:

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How to prevent attempted annihilation of the Jewish People

The current reality is that the Arab world almost in its entirety endangers the lives of the residents of the Jewish State, be it directly or indirectly. It is correct that to this threatening space, there has been at least one large Islamic state that has joined, and there is another similar one which is ready to join. It is proper to assume that little by little we will find outselves threatened by a large and growing coalition. The necessary state of matters, in light of the disregarding and alienation of the Israeli governments from the task put upon it by the Jewish nation, is spreading faith in G-d, and fulfillment of the 7 laws of B'nei Noach.

The world Muslim population is growing, and its political stance is strengthening, and therefore "friendly" countries will switch, in a short period of time, to hostile, due to internal pressures of the Muslim minorities which will find Christian partners in the generations-old tradition of hatred of Israel, following the increasing dependence on oil. Changes are taking place in France, England, Russia, and the USA, and the hatred of Israel is spreading. Per what is normal with us, this matter will arrive at a stage where the whole world will be actively against us, as Rabbi Charla"p foresaw, for example (The state of affairs is not far from the reality already today, like what happened in history multiple times),

Behold the words of the prophet Joel:

Joel 3 (3) And I will give signs in the heavens and the earth, blood and fire, and pillars of smoke. (4) The sun will turn to darkness, and the moon to blood, before the coming of the great and awesome day of G-d. (5) And it will come to pass that all that will call out in the name of G-d will escape, for in Mount Zion and in Jerusalem there will be refuge, as G-d has said, and survivors which G-d calls.

It should be pointed out that the USA is not our friend, but rather has its own interests upon which it acts. During the War of Independence, the USA prevented arms from reaching the attacked Israel, Pollard sits just fine... in an abnormal life sentence, in the Sinai Campaign, which came to protect the citizens of Israel from the Fedayeen, the American response was decisive toughness. The USA is the one that pressures us to expell a quarter million Israelis from their homes in Judea and Samaria in return for basically no peace. The USA is the state which relates to us minimally, that is the proper definition of our relationship with the USA, the question is only if we will surrender to "our fate". Let us assume that at the time of World War II, we had the chance to save the Jews of Europe by destroying Germany, Austria, and their allies which worked to butcher the Jews, would it not be proper to destroy them all completely?! There is no way out of setting who was related to the collective which threatened us. Is it only those that actively fire upon us?! Should one that provides dangerous armament capability, and in particular weapons of mass destruction, or similar weaponry actively to our enemies?! Is one that votes against us always in the United Nations and as a result threatens our steadfastness?

In the United Nations, a committee has convened to measure how much compensation the State of Israel must give to Lebanon for the damages caused during the war. There will be no committee convening to evaluate the opposite.

Thus also regarding the Goldstone Report which points to the defender as the aggressor, and according to this thought the committee was appointed. No one discussed the question of who is the aggressor. Does this not harm the future defense ability?

All wars include collective punishment, for sure a war which includes the use of weapons of mass destruction is a use of collective punishment. Use like this requires collective protection by collective means. More than this, the Islamic/Arab coalition can, with today's technology, rain upon us a large quantity of conventional rockets which would be no less effective than weapons of mass destruction. In such a case, are we to follow the normal laws of war?! Ten thousand Katyusha missiles (small rockets) expelled a million people in from the north. The result for today is the departure of a portion of the Jews in the Galilee, which is one of the reason for the shrinking of the Jewish settlement of the Galilee of up to 30% (no one will speak about this with a loud voice, because it is not politically correct).


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