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Hachrazah 5770 Cheshvan 28

Informal translation from Hebrew of the 28 Cheshvan, 5770 (15 November 2009) statement:

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28 Cheshvan, 5770

Concerning the Inappropriate Police Search of the Girls from Ramat Migron

Subject: The petition of Knesset member Dr. Michael ben-Ari

tovya yaakov ot tovya bennet

A. The shameful incident has been brought before us, the matter of the searches performed on the bodies of two modest daughters of Israel from Ramat Migron, who refuse to be identified.
B. As per the testimony given in front of the lawyer Professor Hillel Weiss in the womens' prison, the girls were examined with force in a humiliating fashion.
C. This act, which represents an attempt to harass minors, like during the uprooting of the Gush Katif communities, and at the time of the pogrom, destruction, and ruin arranged by the police at Amona (may it be rebuilt), amidst bodily harm to the daughters of Israel.
D. In light of the above, it appears to us, that it is incumbent upon Tzvia Sariel to deliver her detailed version of events in front of a emmisary of the court (in this case) Knesset member Dr. Michael ben-Ari, at which time it will be permitted for authorities who so desire, like a lawyer or social worker, to be present on site, and it should not be objected for the testimony delivery even if the statements will be written by them, so long as the emmisary of the court is present.

This is an announcement of the judge on duty of the court, with agreement of the members of the court.

Rabbi Yisrael Ariel
Rabbi Dov Stein
Rabbi Hillel Weiss


Rabbi Dov Stein - Judge on duty

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