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Hachrazah 5770 Cheshvan 10

Informal translation from Hebrew of the 10 Cheshvan, 5770 (28 October 2009) statement:

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Death Threats on Sheikh Salim al-Hozeil

10th of Cheshvan 5770
To the honorable Minister of the Police

Dear Sir,

Subject: Death threats on Sheikh Salim al-Hozeil

A. On the 25th of Tishrei this year (October 13, 2009), in the Bedouin town of Rahat, there was a meeting to strengthen cultural ties between Jews and Negev Bedouin. Some of the rabbis of the Sanhedrin took part of this meeting, hosted by Sheikh Salim al-Hozeil.

B. The actions of the Sheikh and the Sanhedrin for peace and brotherhood have encountered with what seems to be hostility from members of the southern Islamic Movement which acted ahead of the meeting for its disruption by misleading the honored invitees with deceitful information regarding the timing of hte event, thereby committing the crime of fraud.

C. This activity came to fruition with the arson of the man's home, thereby purposefully endangering the lives of his family who attended the meeting, that is to say attempted murder and of course damage of property.

D. After the meeting, an announcement was distributed with the signature of the "Southern Islamic Movement" therein it was decided to put the honorable Sheikh to death. A copy of this announcement can be found at the Sheikh's home. The Sheikh is now residing in a protest tent at Erez Crossing next to the Gaza Strip, wherein he protests the lack of release of the kidnapped soldier Gilad Shalit. The copy is kept at the Sheikh's home. That is to say incitement to murder.

E. The subject matter of the announcement was even broadcast on southern radio, that is to say radio operated by the Bedouin of the south.

F. I request that you instruct that an investigation be opened to find those elements that acted fraudulently to disrupt the meeting, and the elements who incited to the murder of the man and those that took part in the arson of his home, and bringing them to justice.

Dov Stein – Secretary of the Sanhedrin

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