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Hachrazah 5770 Adar 4

Informal translation from Hebrew of the 4th Adar, 5770 (18 February 2010) statement:

Special Court for Matters Concerning the Nation and the State
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B"H 4 Adar, 5770

Month of reversals, when Jews vanquish their enemies

Order for the Cancelling of Laws

The Court for Matters of Nation and State, under the auspices of the Sanhedrin, rules that the laws of the freeze are wicked, discriminatory laws of Israel-hatred, lacking all judicial force, and anyone who acts and obeys them imposes upon himself banishment and excommunication.

Any man of law, Knesset member, public figure, member of the security forces or Civil Administration who works in the planning and execution of destruction of buildings in the Land of Israel as per the freeze policies of the current government will need to give accounting in heaven and earth. Any rabbi who closes his eyes to avoid seeing evil is not a rabbi.

Such people should not receive aliyas to the Torah, and it is forbidden to join them in to a prayer quorum, since they have left Israel as long as they have not turned from their evil ways.

We call to anyone that can thwart and prevent execution of these orders at any stage, that they not hesitate to interfere with the council of the wicked.

Cease the Laws of Sodom!

The status of the High Court of Justice and its accompanying damages are becoming more clear, and as the donkey of Bilam, they have opened their mouths, even those whose mouths until today were full of water. In their trouble, also those that throw their shoes reveal the true status of the institution. It all proves that the nation of Israel has no ability to survive without a general Torah Court which represents all of Israel, and all of Israel is subservient to it, per the laws of Torah. We again wish to strengthen the original stance of Minister Yaakov Ne’eman for the application of Torah law as the obligating law in the State of Israel.

We again announce that any law of the Knesset, or any regulation, or court ruling which is in conflict with Torah law has no validity. The High Court’s decision on the matter of the destruction of the Yuval neighborhood of Eli and the home of Major Ro’i Klein who sacrificed his life for the nation of Israel is in the end an act of terror.

The High Court and its rulings are more dangerous to the nation than the Goldstone Report, which is a partner to the judges of this institution, and from which it appears that its people got their ideas.

Therefore, per what we have already decided in the past, it is obligatory for every Jew to exclude himself from the secular Israeli judicial system in every matter. It is forbidden to use them and their laws, and anyone who does, it is as if he raises a hand against the Torah of Moses, except in cases where one is sued in their court, or in order to save the oppressed and stolen from the oppressor, after getting permission from the Court. (Laws of Sanhedrin, Maimonides, Mishneh Torah)

We again call to all the communities in the Land of Israel to set up courts of three and twenty three per the Torah, everything according to the place and time, and to inform the Sanhedrin on their setup. It is better to go to three G-d fearing Jews who are not experts than to go to the secular court system.

This instruction should be viewed as a decree of the Sanhedrin.

Rabbi Yisrael Ariel – Head of the Court
Rabbi Hillel Weiss
Rabbi Dov Stein

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