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Hachrazah 5769 Tishrei 29

Informal translation from Hebrew of the 29 Tishrei, 5769 (28 October 2008) statement:

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Conference on extra-parliamentary Jewish government

Tuesday, Tishrei 29 (October 28, 2008), there will be a modest gathering at the Dati Leumi synagogue in Har Nof, 22 Chai Taib street, Jerusalem, between 10:00am and 4:00pm on the subject of:

First signs of application of Jewish rule on the Land of Israel - paths to fulfillment

Among the speakers:

10:00am Mr. Aryeh King – the struggle for Jerusalem
10:30am Dr. Yitzchak Klein – Analysis of the map of political ideas ahead of the elections
11:30am Professor Aryeh Zeritzki – The blood libel of the Zionist Socialists against those that threatened its hegemony: the Revisionists of then, the Religious Zionists today
12:00pm Aviad Visuli, Lawyer – The Master Plan: Science, Halachah and Law on the Temple Mount
12:30pm The Court for matters of B’nei Noach – Under the leadership of Rav Yoel Schwartz, Rav Chaim Richman, and Rav Yeshayahu Holander: A Ceremony of Gentiles accepting upon themselves the seven laws (with participation of those who requested the ceremony)
1:00pm Gedaliah Glazer, Engineer – Project to spread out the population – industry, and spreading out cities.
1:30pm Tzvi MiSinai, Engineer – Arab Jews or Jews that became Arab: Journey to bring back Jewish Arabs.
2:00pm Dov Even Ohr, Lawyer – The fall of banks in the world and the effect on security concepts in Israel.
2:30pm Rav Yisrael Ariel, Rav Yehuda Glick – The Land of Israel and Jerusalem, when the Temple is in their hearts (system for organizing time, place, and community identification around the Temple)
3:00pm Moshe Lebel, Engineer – Practical political analysis
3:30pm Moshe Feiglin – The advantage of Jewish Leadership Elyakim Weisenstern-Banda – The problem of mixed cities, the case of Lod as a metaphor for Akko Zegani (Shmuel Medad) – Honeinu, the organization for the protection of prisoners – the significance of Ofer Gamliel’s hunger striker.
4:00pm Rav Dov Stein – Closing

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