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Hachrazah 5769 Shevat 17

Translation from Hebrew of the Shevat 17, 5769 (11 February 2009) statement:

Sanhedrin - The Great Court of 71
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Declaration Concerning the Coming Elections


Court of the Sanhedrin with Israel welcomes greetings put substantial rainfall over a day בבחירתו election of Israel and especially with increasing characteristic. Court of the Sanhedrin calls representing parties choose Irai sky light up one shepherd Fnihn relinquish all possible. To get together for the common Mtrotihn spell, we were, deep-rooted Jewish education for the children of Israel, Jewish Law, the love of Israel and the sanctity of the camp, the Israeli army.

Such cooperation will bring greater benefit to any one of the Association take part in all what you get every single one Hmoatim alone. Kiddush except that the name that will be necessary. This would give the Aototio also of security, the economy depends on the country team.

Proper joint force [23 Mndtim at least] all parties will work Irai Wed think his name on the agreement between them who have become ministers Nzigyn / appointed on Education, the Interior Ministry of Justice to all previous social or economic interest Olmitzar ideas to raise public agenda in the field of fundamental laws.

Joint forces will also be on duty to promote legislation in the following areas:

1. Basic Law of the Torah - that every act of legislation and opposed the Torah Cancel essentially substantive.

2. Making Chief Rabbinate island politics and politicians dependent on the promotion status of the court of all the Jewish people.

3. Law Shvut land - land that is sovereign of the Jewish people in the areas of Land of Israel is part of the State of Israel

4. Hsfita revised Basic Law, Powers of Attorney, Appointment of High Court judges.

בברכת got managed for us and for cities Alokino.

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