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[[Category:Legal rulings and opinions to date]]
[[Category:Legal rulings and opinions to date]]
[[Category:Special Court for Matters Concerning the Nation and the State]]
[[Category:Special Court for Matters Concerning the Nation and the State]]
[[Category:Translation in progress]]
[[he:הכרזה תשס"ט שבט י"ז]]
[[he:הכרזה תשס"ט שבט י"ז]]

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Translation from Hebrew of the Shevat 17, 5769 (11 February 2009) statement:

Special Court for Matters Concerning the Nation and the State
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Declaration Concerning the Elections

The Court of the Sanhedrin blesses the nation of Israel with blessings of heaven above, which were recognizable with rainfall on the day of elections, with the election of the nation of Israel in its special uniqueness increasing. The court of the Sanhedrin calls to the parties which represent G-d fearing voters to cooperate with eachother as much as possible in order that they can unite for the sake of their joint Torah goals, that is Jewish rooted education for all children of Israel, Jewish law, love of Israel and preservation of the holiness of the camp and army of Israel.

Joint action like this will bring much more usefulness to those that take part in unity than what each party could achieve with its own strength alone. That is aside from the sanctification of G-d’s Name that there would be in this. This would also give its impression on matters of security, economics, and the commandments dependent on the land.

It is fitting that with join strength (at least 23 seats), the parts of those that fear G-d and think of His Name would act in agreement amongst themselves so that they would have representation as ministers, or other senior appointments in education, justice, and the interior before any other matter, social or economic, and at the very least to raise ideas to the national agenda in the field of basic laws.

With join strength, it would be possible to advance Torah legislation in the following fields:

1. Basic Law of the Torah – According to which any legislative act or court ruling which is essentially against Torah is completely cancelled.

2. Changing the Chief Rabbinate to be independent of politics and politicians, and the advancement of its stature to that of the court of the Jewish Nation.

3. Law of the Return of Land – Land which is in under the sovereignty of the Jewish Nation in the borders of the Land of Israel is part of the State of Israel.

4. Changes to the Basic Law the Judiciary – Regarding the powers of the Judicial Advisor, the High Court of Justice, and the appointment of judges.

With a blessing of: Go up and succeed for the sake of our nation and the cities of our G-d.

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