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Hachrazah 5768 Sivan 16

Informal translation from Hebrew of the 16 Sivan, 5768 (19 June 2008) statement:

Special Court for Matters Concerning the Nation and the State
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Responsibility of Torah Sages for the Pride Parade

There are those that think that the Ear Above doesn’t hear, and that the Eye Above does not see, and as if they worry for their children or only for their children. In the interim the plague of the internet brings down names even in chareidi homes. There is no house without a casualty.

There is not boy or girl who is not exposed, on the street or at home, in chareidi media and in public language, to the homo-lesbian attack on moral norms of the families of the nation of Israel.

The midrash says “and all of the nation cried on that night” (this week’s portion), a crying over nothing. Crying on matters of nakedness, that, G-d forbid, Moses our teacher, by means of his Torah shouldn’t put more decrees against our freedom to abominations. (See the Kli Yakar there)

The Torah plainly states what the punishment is for these abominations, and everyone sees what happens in all fronts.

Counsel is lost from priests, wisdom from the wise and prophecy from prophets. The army is paralyzed, there is no government, the nation is abandoned! The shade of the nation of Israel has left it, G-d forbid.

It appears that the creations do not understand that the root of the spiritual-poitical struggle by way of the homo-lesbian agenda is erasing the Jewish nation.

Nothing has changed since the days of Balak and Bilam.

At first they would go in modestly and at the end they went in together, couple by couple like pairs of cattle, alternatively like a man diligently at work, like bracelets on her hand. Rabbi Levi said that is a more difficult decree than the Golden Calf, that by the calf it is written (Exodus 32) “Take off the golden rings” and here it is written “and they clung to (it)”. By the calf, three thousand perished, and here, twenty four thousand. (Numbers 25) “And G-d said to Moses, take all of the heads of the nation and execute them”. Rabbi Yudan said he hung the heads of the nation for not protesting to the people. Rabbi Nechemia said that he didn’t hang the leaders of the nation, but rather G-d said to Moses to convene the heads of the Sanhedrins and they should just everyone that went to Peor, he said who will inform them (of their guilt). He said to him, I will make public. Whoever erred in the matter, the clouds will leave him and the sun will shine on him amidst the congregation, and everyone will know who erred. (Bamidbar Rabba, Vilna, section 20)

Sanctifying G-d’s name is the main matter, filling the mouth with water (instead of protesting) does not bribe the Mind of G-d!

One should not relate at all to threats from the police, the prosecutor’s office, of the justice system of the agents of licentiousness.

This is just additional proof to the cultural and value dictates of the “enlightened”, that curses the entire nation, G-d forbid, thus in the end of the prophecy of Malachi, they attempt with all their strength to dictate.

If there is a reason to leave the government more than child welfare payments, and more than the Land of Israel, this is the reason. For there will be no more Land of Israel and no more Jews, G-d forbid.

Can it be that the shepherds of the nation of Israel want to take responsibility for these matters?

There is no place for Abomination Parades in any place in the world. Not in the Land of Israel, not in Sodom, not in Las Vegas or Paris or San Francisco. The Flood came upon the world and on Jerusalem first.

Why not an Abomination Parade on Yom Kippur on the Temple Mount?

Jews, you have fallen asleep!

The Guardian of Israel does not sleep nor slumber!

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