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Hachrazah 5768 Nisan 9 g

Sanhedrin Bulletin #1

Informal translation from Hebrew of the 9 Nisan, 5768 (14 April 2008) statement:

Jerusalem Court for Issues of Bnei Noah
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Prayer Book for B’nei Noach

Prayer contains within it different aspects, at its center – praise and thanks to the Creator of the Universe, and on the other hand – prayer and requests from the Deity. Prayer is not the exclusive property of Jews, and not even only of mankind, it is a partner to all of creation as it praises and cries out to the Master of all. It is known and famous the verses of “Perek Shira” which contains within it the song and prayer of all creations.

The prayer of King Solomon on the day that the Temple was dedicated on the Temple Mount, is famous and emotional. In this prayer, among other things, King Solomon said:

“And also the foreigner who is not from Your nation, Israel, and he will come from a far away land for the sake of Your Name. For they will hear Your great name and Your strong hand, and Your outstretched arm, and he will come and pray to this house. You shall listen hear, in Heaven, Your dwelling, in all that the foreigner shall call out to you, so that all the nations of the world shall know Your name, to fear You like Your nation Israel…” (1 Kings 8:41-43)

And indeed the Gentiles all over the world pray, each nation in its way in the words fitted to its faith.

However, being that all the nations – defined in halacha as B’nei Noach – are commanded to fulfill the 7 Laws of B’nei Noach, and from our obligation as Jews to bring them to observance of these commandments, which is based on the faith in the One G-d and His providence on His creations, indeed it is proper that we find for them a formula of prayer that will be suitable for the principles of the faith that they are required to keep.

In the interim, groups of B’nei Noach living in the USA have gathered and arranged a prayer book which they are designating for all the nations of the world. This prayer book has been delivered to the Court for B’nei Noach of the Sanhedrin for review, in order to receive approval for the formulation and the contents found in it.

The Sanhedrin appointed its expert on B’nei Noach, who is fluent in the English language, who has received this book for inspection in order to review its contents, while taking counsel any issue needing clarification with the head of the court (who is fluent in everything related to B’nei Noach), and indeed the prayer book was found suitable for B’nei Noach and lives up to the expectations of a prayer book designed for all the nations of the world. Due to this, approval has been given to the prayer book, and blessings to whomever will publish it.

The prayer book has already been published and serves the needs of thousands of B’nei Noach worldwide.

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