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Hachrazah 5768 Nisan 9

Sanhedrin Bulletin #1

Informal translation from Hebrew of the 9 Nisan, 5768 (14 April 2008) statement:

Sanhedrin Newsletter #1

"Sanhedrin Newsletter" Publishing
Be'er Sheva Street #8
Nachlaot, Jerusalem

Edited and prepared for printing by: Rabbi Yehuda Edri


The Sanhedrin Newsletter is a small first collection collection, that if G-d will merit us, will be an entire series, among the abundant topics and decisions that continually come up since the founding of the nascent Sanhedrin, which began its activities on the 28th of Tishrei, 5765. The deliberations of the Sanhedrin have touched on hundreds of topics, at about five per week.

The topics in the newsletter represent a type of report to the curious public as to what topics are raised by the Sanhedrin in its years of existence, and if it has justified the buds of hope that its many supporters and opposition have put in it. The aforementioned wide cross-section is in need of continual Torah, law, and halachic revitalization in the current reality facing the nation of Israel, living on its land, the land of its fathers, making the first steps towards setting up Torah law, as a judiciary independent of the state's court system, in order to pave the way to returning the judges as at first and the counselors as at the beginning.

The examples in the newsletter reflects the subjects that are raised by the judges themselves, according to the principles of advancing the public agenda, which the weekly court set, and reflects revelation of values and halachic norms in their formation, and also from requests from the public for statements of opinion, for judgment, and for decisions on private, ethical, and national matters.

The committees of the Sanhedrin and its courts are as follows:

The Court for Matters of B'nei Noach, headed by Rabbi Yoel Schwartz
The Court for Matters of Nation and State, headed by Rabbi Yisrael Ariel
The Weekly Court, headed by Rabbi Professor Mordechai Kislev, whose article on the amount of "k'zayit" serves as a halachic cornerstone.

All this is aside from the gatherings of position-holders, led by the President of the Sanhedrin, Rabbi Adin Shteinsaltz, which is held on a weekly basis, together with the Court for International Law which recently began acting. The general assembly of the Sanhedrin gathers once a year.

All of these reflect the many needs of our nation, by itself and as a light to the nations. "For from Zion Torah will go out, and the word of G-d from Jerusalem." The claim to righteousness and judgment is the foundation stone to our existence as a nation, and in it, and its representation, we work. In these difficult days, Kislev 5768, we are hoping that our Creator will put an end to the darkness, and our nation which is under serious threat of trouble and difficulty, will find consolation in this that there are those that are laboring for the hope of redemption. Zion will be redeemed through justice and its returnees in righteousness.

The newsletter was written by one of the most senior judges of the Sanhedrin, who has requested anonymity, who was called upon by the judges of the Sanhedrin, and the newsletter represents the opinion of the entire Court.

We hope that this small publication will arouse a great portion of the public to become interested in the actions and goals of the Sanhedrin, and that it will encourage rabbinical scholars to enter its walls, and join as judges of the Sanhedrin, to be permanent members and to respond and to write and contribute from the fruit of their pen to the Sanhedrin Newsletter.

In the name of the publication, H.V.

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