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Hachrazah 5768 Av 12

Translation from Hebrew of the 12 Av, 5768 (14 August 2009) statement:

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Complaint of the television company NTDTV before the Sanhedrin’s court against the satellite company on the unilateral cancellation of the contract / cessation of broadcast.

In response to the request of the television company NTDTV, who broadcasts to the Chinese people, and its complaint regarding broadcast contract violation between it and the satellite broadcast company, the Sanhedrin court states that it is without the ability to clarify the facts in the complaint at this point.

Submission of media outlets, including broadcast service providers, to political, economic, or other types of pressure, causes perversion of the truth, which endangers human life and can lead to endangering the wellbeing of mankind as a whole.

Prevention of knowledge, or distortion thereof is cooperation with a serious crime, and therefore every person or body which helps silencing or spreading of lies, holds responsibility for the results, beginning with the decision makers, media policy makers, managers of the channels, and ends with the photographers, editors, and broadcasters, and their helping staff.

Violation of broadcast agreement by a doubt at a politically critical moment puts upon it extra responsibility. Aside from contract violation this is violation of trust and betrayal in the essential positive component of media to reach the threatened target audience. To warn of serious danger and to warn the oppressive systems and their people from initiating crimes against humanity whose basis is violation of the laws of B’nei Noach.

The Sanhedrin’s court refers to the court’s decision when it sat as the International Court on the subject of the Falon Gong complaint from July 17th which details the guilt and responsibility of the Chinese government and rules as a result that the Olympic Games are a threat to world peace.

Signatory Judges:
Rabbi Yoel Schwartz (Av Beit Din)
Rabbi Dov Stein (Secretary)
Rabbi Professor Mordechai Kislev (Chairman)
Rabbi Meir Hakak
Rabbi Yeshayahu Hollander
Rabbi Avraham Dov ben Shor
Rabbi Shimshon Alboim
Rabbi Professor Hillel Weiss

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