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Hachrazah 5767 Sivan 5

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Informal translation from Hebrew of the 5 Sivan, 5767 (22 May 2007) statement:

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The Path to Security and Peace Includes Repairing Basic Mistakes: Political Principals Needed at Present in the Gaza Strip

The Political Committee of the Sanhedrin - The Eve of the Shavuot Festival, 5767

The IDF has taken a series of actions in order to intensify the burden on the enemy to harass the residents surrounding Gaza up to Ashkelon, and to ease the political pressure and criticism on the government which has abandoned the area's residents.

In this actions, there is no response to the strengthening of the enemy in the Gaza Strip and their weakness directly encourages the strengthening of strategic threats on Israel in other decrees.

Any Jewish government, IDF officers, and the nation of Israel know that it is not possible to abstain indefinitely from the stage of decision and victory.

The lessons have still not been learned from the failures of the war in Lebanon, the heritage of the "Peace Process", the lessons of the error of expulsion. As long as the government does not order the army and the security forces to conquer areas in the strip and to remain in the areas which require permanent presence in order to re-establish the communities where were destroyed, and to ensure safety of them and others, there will be no hope in the military actions, and not in the futile attempts for advancing peace.

Nullification of the expulsion law in the Knesset by the government's initiating will signify that the government of Israel has overcome the hesitation to admit the fatal mistake, which is the immediate cause for the political failures, military and public; subversion of the authority of the government, courts, and increasing corruption.

A decision such as that would bring the Nation of Israel closer to its Jewish mission - recognition of its assignment, in its uniqueness and sanctification of G-d's name and spreading faith in G-d in the whole world, while standing firm on the right of all Jews to build homes in every place in the Land of Israel, the Holy Land, according to the law.

It is not possible to arrive at quiet without uprooting the murderous ethos which our enemies have stooped to, as is recognizable mainly in the last few years. Without dealing with the base problems from religious and cultural aspects of the conflict, there will be no way to secure stability in life.

An Arab that does not accept upon himself the commandments of B'nei Noach, whose basis, for our matter, is respecting human life and refraining from murder because the Torah has commanded it, will not be able to remain under Israeli authority.

As the Great Eagle (the Rambam) wrote in the Laws of Kings 6:1:

We do not make war with any person in the world, until we call to him for peace - be it an optional war, or an obligatory war: as it says: "For you shall come close to a city to fight upon it - and you shall call to it for peace" (Deuteronomy 20:10). If they made peace, and accepted upon themselves the Seven Commandments that the B'nei Noach were commanded - it is forbidden to kill any of them.

This approach, the way of Torah, will be a wonder, and a light to the nations to guide allt he nations of the world in the proper way to eliminate terror.

Therefore, the Court of the Sanhedrin calls to the Arabs of the Gaza Strip, like all humans, to accept upon them the commandments of B'nei Noach and their morals, to shake free of terror and its leaders, and to call without fear for the return of the Jews to the Gaza Strip, to the places where their communities were before their destruction, and this will be for the benefit of the Jews and the Arabs.

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