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Hachrazah 5767 Shevat 5

Informal translation from Hebrew of the 5 Shevat, 5767 (24 January, 2007) statement:

Jerusalem Court for Issues of Bnei Noah
Tel: 02-5661962, cell 050-6733831, fax: 057-7976007
Email: 47 Rachel Imeinu St. Jerusalem 93228

Appointment of Mr. Roger Grattan as diplomatic emissary

Mr. Roger Grattan

Mr. Roger Grattan in a Bnei Noah living in Bangor, Maine. He has organized several events for Bnei Noah, and works in raising awareness about the Bnei Noah movement, and distribution of associated materials. He was one of the people chosen to sit on the nascent Sanhedrin's original "High Council"[1], an advisory board which has been largely inactive since September 2006. He is also an Official UNC, Inc. adviser,[2] and a member of several other Noahide organizations.

On the 24th of January, 2007 he was appointed Emissary of the nascent Sanhedrin North American Affairs.


The statement reads:

Tzibur Bnei Yisrael
"To all whom these present, Greetings: Be it known that Mr. Roger Grattan has been hereby appointed by the nascent Sanhedrin in Jerusalem as Emissary for Affairs Concerning the Bnei Noach ("Noachide") Communities of North America. And is, by this appointment, authorized and empowered to perform all the duties required in order to fulfill the responsibilities of this office as determined from time to time by the nascent Sanhedrin, its officers, and its instruments.
Rabbi Adin Steinsalts, Nasi
Rabbi Yoel Schwartz, Chief Justice, International Court for Bnei Noach

Responsibility of office

The hebrew term for this office is שליח shaliach and means a representative sent on a mission or errand, such as emissaries to negotiate a peace treaty. The main responsibility of this office is:

  • Meeting with the leaders of the various and diverse Noahide groups in North America, and try to get them to work together.

Other responsibilities include:

  • Meeting with various individuals, leaders, and groups of people who are not part of the Noahide movement, but have expressed an interest in learning about the Noahide movement.
  • Distribute material explaining the Noahide movement.
  • Clarify any misunderstandings that other religious groups may have about the Noahide movement.
  • Make clear the very large differences between the Noahide movement according to Jewish Law (halacha) and the various other groups (such as messianic or neo-pagan groups) which sometimes use the name "Noahide".
  • Explain the role of halacha and Jewish courts within the Noahide movement.
  • Introduce people to the nascent Sanhedrin, and explain how they can follow its rulings if they want to.
  • Communicate the needs and requests of Noahide communities and individuals to the Jerusalem Court for Bnei Noah, a sub-court of the nascent Sanhedrin.

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  1. Sanhedrin Recognizes Council to Teach Humanity ´Laws of Noah´
  2. United Noahide Council, Board of advisers

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