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Hachrazah 5767 Iyyar 13

Informal translation from Hebrew of the 13 Iyyar, 5767 (1 May 2007) statement:

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Sanhedrin: Non-Jews have the right to worship on the Temple Mount

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By: Idan Yosef

Rabbis of the Sanhedrin have sent a letter to the heads of countries in the world with a call to Israel to encourage the establishment of the Temple and participate in prayer on the Temple Mount, which is not reserved only for the Jewish people, they said, and that is what will bring peace

In the global letter to "all the nations, governments, and institutions", the court of 71 rabbis of the Sanhedrin, which represents with the description of "the highest judicial institution for the Jewish Nation", turns with a call for peace and prayer in the House of G-d on the Temple Mount of G-d, Mount Moriah.

The letter, which is mean for distribution in all langues, was sent to many heads of state, including the heads of enemy states like Iran. According to the Sanhedrin, the only way to bring peace to the world and between nations, states, and religions, is erecting the House for G-d, to serve Him, to pray in it and to bring sacrifices, according to the vision of the prophets and as Kings David saw and Solomon his son said during his prayer for the dedication of the Temple.

As support for their words, they quote the prophecy of the bible:

"And also to the words of the foreigner who is not from Your nation, Israel, and he will come from a far away land for Your name's sake. For they will hear of Your great name and Your powerful hand and Your outstretched arm, and they will come and pray to this house. You, in Your dwelling place of Heaven, should hear and do according to what the foreigner will call to you, such that the nations of the world will know Your name and to fear You like Your nation, Israel, and to know that Your name is called upon this house which I have built... for then I will switch the nations to speak a clear language to all call in the name of G-d and to serve Him as one."

Quote UN distortion

Sanhedrin Rabbis say that the United Nations Heret the banner section which appears in verse eternal prophecy, the vision of peace - give it two hundred Ohnitotihm Hrbotm pruners, but a quote is missing, since the vision of peace will carry the blessing only in the context in which the verse was written in full, and reading all the Gentiles to into Group E for prayer and study ways of the

And the End of Days is the Temple Mount will be at the top of the mountains and Nehru hats and carried him all the nations: and went many nations and said go and locked into a mountain Thursday to the God of Jacob Oirno ways Onllachh hosts that Zion shall go forth Torah which Gd from Jerusalem: law between nations and proved Many nations bled Hrbotm hundred Ohnitotihm pruners shall not bear the sword goy goy to learn more war and ... that Ahmol more about the inhabitants of the land, saith 'Behold, I make up the human hand man bled each other and with the king and save the country from them:.

Letter signed by leaders of the Sanhedrin: President Rabbi Adin Stenzltz, Babad Affairs of Noah - Rabbi Yoel Schwartz, Babad and State Affairs Committee with the head of the Temple Institute - Rabbi Yisrael Ariel, said: "The choice is the hand of every nation, every ruler and every person Peace or war - life or death. all people in the world watch and see where the trend tends to date things. It seems that every day growing threat to world peace from the uncontrollable urge to be sucked into destruction. therefore of shared responsibility for world peace to all humanity at this time we found it necessary to remind announce that a way out for all peoples and engraved by reading this people of Israel, and their son Ishmael did; humanity, beautiful people, where warm, distant islands, the land of Chinese in North: We are all children of one father we, the first people who created the image great god, the hero and terrible. Therefore all humanity has the family before Keane got his brother Abel. Let us love, Dear Father in heaven will look to banks for its own sake chapel to pray him work shoulder to shoulder, for the mercy of the many, surely does not want bloodshed between creatures but love and peace among all people creatures.

Right and obligation to pray at Mount

Sanhedrin rabbis write that prayer on the Temple Mount is a right reserved for each person, even mandatory, as long as it is done in places permitted - by the nature of praying, from serving son of Levi and Israel to Noah [Gentile believes, A.i.]. Added, midrashim Vastmcm one that can trigger the nations of Israel to fulfill his destiny and help him building the temple.

"We pray to God supreme, buying heaven and earth, listen to our call for no return empty, intended for all of us. Sounds like he could become one to avoid bloodshed in establishing a house of prayer for all peoples, not to hurt the dignity of the peoples with accessories to with. We believe that nothing One prophets will not come back empty-handed and say nothing. If Teoto look for ways to read this with us on the machine will be built from Hmoshiaim if, God forbid, not listen, humanity will continue to deteriorate until war one brother placed the 'his word when he spoke! ", signed the Sanhedrin letter.

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