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Hachrazah 5766 Av 15

Informal translation from Hebrew of the 15 Av, 5766 (9 Aug 2006) statement:

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Announcement of the Sanhedrin on the matter of the Holiness of the Camp and the Commandment to Love G-d

With the outbreak of the latest war in Lebanon, which appears to be only an introductory step in a series of great wars, the Israel Defense Forces and all the armies of the world must work on the matter of the holiness of the camp, to refrain from any evil matter.

Giving legitimacy to acts of lechery is the beginning of defeat.

Cultures that encourage sexual freedom in the army preemptively destroy their changes of victory. Therefore the army shall not draft soldiers who are open to homosexual relations and matters of lechery in general. The army should not draft women to the army, and definitely not to fighting units and not to frameworks which are not designed specifically for women.

To our regret, pride parades have turned in to the symbol of fulfillment of individual rights in great parts of the Western world as an expression of advancement and enlightenment. The opposite is true!

The Sanhedrin points out that human rights negate individual rights to lechery, and that human rights come from human respect that he was created in G-d’s image without confusion of the sexes. “And G-d created the man in his image, in the image of G-d He created him, male and female, He created them.” (Genesis 1:27), and also “Male and female, He created them, and He blessed them and called them Man on the day of their creation” (Genesis 5:2).

The Sanhedrin warns all of mankind of the outbreak of the plague of homosexuality, whose effects are destruction of human society: destruction of the family, the nation, and the state; destruction of human culture as a whole. Homosexual relations are a basic transgression on the commandments of B’nei Noach which are the foundation commandments of all of mankind which were given in the covenant between G-d and Noah and his offspring as a condition for there not being a further flood. One of their central tenets is abstention from violation of the laws of sexual morality. The Jewish sources point out that married male couples are the ones that brought the flood, along with those that violated other laws against sexual immorality, bloodshed, and idolatry.

The Sanhedrin turns to all of the nations, organizations and different religions to explain to all those who are supposed to listen to them about the total damage to humanity (AIDS is but one expression of this damage) and to prevent as much as possible pride parades, and to exercise their full legal, moral, and political authority in order to thwart any parades or events which strive to praise relations between two members of the same sex. Of course in the Land of Israel, which is all holy land, there is no place to permit any abomination parade like this, not in Jerusalem or in any other city. Pride parades in the Land of Israel, upon which rest the Eyes of G-d, is an example of the desecration of G-d’s name in front of all the nations of the world, and the punishment of Jews working for this and advancing such parades of this type, has no atonement! G-d will not desire to forgive him. The Torah notes twice that homosexual relations have a most serious punishment.

The Sanhedrin turns to the Knesset, the government, the mayors, and to all with the moral, political, and judicial power to revoke any possibility of holding pride parades, be it in legislation as a base violation of human dignity deriving from the image of G-d engraved in him, or be it in study and recognition of the complete danger of acceptance of such norms which bring the destruction of the institution and framework of mankind. Religious figures who attempt to maneuver between political powers and do not go out in all their power to thwart this abomination have a double punishment, for they signal weakness of mind and acceptance of the parades, and thereby give retroactively their approval for the parades. An army in which this affliction has spread cannot function as an army. Judges who are given over to homosexual relations cannot uphold a judicial system, not academia, and not any other human creation.

In conjunction this warning, the Sanhedrin requests from the Jewish nation to uphold the following norms as proper for the matter of love.

  • Every Jew (even one who doesn’t define himself as religious) should read Sh’ma Yisrael once in the morning and once in the evening after washing hands, and should mean what is being said.
  • Every Jewish boy and girl should get married with Kiddushin according to the law of Moses and Israel by an authorized and G-d fearing rabbinate.
  • All of the children of Israel should be modest in their ways in matters between male and the female sanctified to him. Every Jew should act modestly in dress, speech, eating, and monetary matters.
  • Preservation of the special and holy nature of family is a condition for proper existence of the Jewish society and nation. It is incumbent upon the couple to make pleasantness dwell in their family. It is forbidden to impose terror. Parents should be respected. A man should respect his wife in speech, clothing and in jewelry and everything that makes her happy, and thus should the wife act with her husband. The children should be brought close by listening. Family events should be held often with modesty and respect, to sit around the table and to speak pleasantly, and to learn and to give everyone in the family a chance to express himself, and to respect and love him.
  • The age of marriage should be moved up as much as possible, together with learning a profession.
  • Modest girls should not put themselves in a trying situation, they should not be drafted to the army, and definitely not the fighting units.

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