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==This ruling in the news==
[[Category:Legal rulings and opinions to date]]
[[Category:Legal rulings and opinions to date]]

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Translation from Hebrew of the 20 Tishrei, 5770 (8 October 2009) statement:

International Court of Law
Tel: 02-5661962, cell 050-6733831, fax: 057-7976007
Email: 47 Rachel Imeinu St. Jerusalem 93228

Establishment of Committee to Investigate Goldstone Report

Subject: Setting up a judicial forum to investigate the Goldstone Report, the maker of the report, the conduct of the U.N. and the government of Israel in the matter of the report.

1. Today, the 20th of Tishrei, 5770 (October 8, 2009) the following gathered in Jerusalem: Rabbis who are members of the Sanhedrin, jurists, intellectuals (including those who don't don head coverings, and they decided to set up a forum as above, in order to investigate all the aspects related to: setting up the "Goldstone Commission", its manner of working, the contents of the report, and in this regard, to turn to Mr. Richard Goldstone so that he should stand in front of this forum and answer questions that will be asked.

2. The legal forum will not concentrate solely on Operation "Cast Lead", but also the conduct of the U.N. and its different institutions during all the years since 1948, and in particular in the 7 years preceding this operation, when the residents of the western Negev were subjected to shelling on a nearly constant basis, day and night; and also the question of equality on the side of U.N. institutions in relation to the state of Israel as opposed to other states, particularly Arab states and the Palestinian Authority (including the Hamas movement, which controls the Gaza Strip).

3. Without harming the above, the legal forum will investigate the conduct of the Israeli government from the year 2000 forward (wherein the basis is the beginning of the second Intifada), and will investigate why the governments of Israel from then onwards exercised restraint in the face attacks from terrorist organizations, like Hezbollah, Hamas, Al Aksa Brigades, and the like, and enabled a civil situation unlike any seen in any properly functioning country in the world.

4. The failures that will be revealed will serve as a basis for demands by the forum for legislative changes, in order to prevent governmental conduct which endangers the continuing physical existence of the Jewish nation in Israel and in the world.

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This ruling in the news