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Edut 5769 Av 12

These Reports, Analysis & Opinions have have been submitted to the Sanhedrin in an advisory capacity only, and may or may not reflect the official position of the Sanhedrin. They are the work of the esteemed experts in their field, and are included here to indicate the kind of questions being handled by the Sanhedrin.

Informal translation from Hebrew of the 12 Av, 5770 (2 August 2009) statement:

Legal Adjudication for Soldiers
Advisory Committee
Tel: 02-5661962, cell 050-6733831, fax: 057-7976007
Email: 47 Rachel Imeinu St. Jerusalem 93228

Presentation for Earthquake and CV"S Nuclear Strike Preparedness

Concerning means of escape from danger of earthquakes and collapse of buildings due to bomb attack.

Dr. Joshua Sokol is a consultant of the Sanhedrin. The following is his analysis of the threat and damage due to an atomic attack.

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