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Committee for the 'Lost Tribes of Israel'

It is known that there are many different places in the world where Jews lived that disappeared in different amounts due to riots, pogroms, conversions, force, and physical destruction in greatly different amounts.

Occasionally in many families' collective memories there remains consciousness about their collective Jewish origin. There are those that were preserved through their zealously to only marry other members of their nation for dozens of generations. The Sanhedrin is extremely interested in removing the layers of historical dust which covers these remnants in order to return them to the bosom of their nation.

Many of these remnants are to be found among converts of the Catholic Church who gave up their religion after persecution and threat of death. Likewise it is also in the lands of Europe, aside from those Jews who hid and were forced to convert, who were pursued by the Nazis and their many helpers.

Communities of those descended from those who were forced to convert, with knowledge, and sometimes with only repressed knowledge, are living today in the Holy Land and are known to the world by the name "Palestinians".

In the lands of the oil emirates in the Persian Gulf, the people do not intermarry with the Arabs of Saudi Arabia due to the great amount of Jewish blood flowing through the veins of the residents of the Saudi Peninsula, including Yemen. Also in Lybia, the Arabs of the world won't intermarry with them due to the great amount of Jewish blood flowing through the veins of the residents of Lybia. Not a small quantity of Bedouin tribes spread throughout the Middle East carry a tradition about their Jewish past.

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