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Committee for the 'Lost Tribes of Israel'

We know about many different places in the world where Jews lived in many different classes have disappeared due to riots forced conversions persecution and extermination of many different physical volume.

Many families often remain collective memories about the Jewish origin. Have saved them jealously marry only with their own people for many generations. Sanhedrin very interested to reveal the historical layers of dust covering the remains to return them to the bosom of those with them.

Such remains are many Maranos Catholic Church converted their religion and the dangers of torture and death. So other than hiding in Europe forced the Jews persecuted by the Nazis and their collaborators very many countries of Europe.

Such forced communities, consciously and sometimes unconsciously repressed life in the Holy Land is also recognized worldwide as "Palestinians".

U.S. Gulf oil principalities avoid marriage Arabs Saudi Arabia because of the Jewish descent of residents of the Saudi peninsula, including Yemen. The same is true about the Arabs of Libya Arab, other Muslims avoid marriage with residents of Libya because of "Jewish descent". Quite a number of Bedouin tribes that spread throughout the Middle East issues within the past traditions of being Jewish.

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