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Committee for Civil Re-organization


Administrative and Civil Re-organization of the Jewish People in Israel into a single body according to Torah, under ("Sarei Alaphim, Sarei Me'oth,…") in Israel country and in the Diaspora.

This committee reaches out to all of Rabbis and Community Leaders, to anyone that takes an interest in Jewish scholarship, Jewish history, Jewish law, to all of the individuals that are active on behalf of Community issues, and to friends and relatives.

The purpose of this committee is to educate the Jewish people on the original recipe for the Traditional Jewish Civil Society, and begin its implementation.


The Power of the Jewish Community in Israel emanates from each individual in the Community; regardless of country of origin, philosophical approach or political allegiance. We, the Jewish Community in Israel, intend to exert a positive influence upon our collective existence. We believe that the best way to begin that process is to revive the traditional, grassroots, Jewish Civil Society ― the proper framework within which to address the many critical issues facing Jewish Community in Israel today.

  • No politics
  • No protests
  • No demonstrations
  • No pressure on government or bureaucracy
  • YES grassroots action

Select civil representatives ("Sarei Eser" and "Sarei 50/100")

Establish civil councils ("City Elders" 7/28)

Establish civil representative "courts" (Sanhedrin Ketana 23/92)

Establish civil community "treasuries" (under the civil councils)

Select Sarei 1000 at mass Jewish Unity event this spring.

Recruitment Campaign

This is really, seriously, for you. It would be even more effective if you added your own personal cover letter before forwarding. You should also find it easy to gather your own "Eser". In your cover letter:

  • Ask for additional written material and comments on specific items in the source material (including translations).
  • Ask for serious criticism (with sources).
  • Action: Gather a "minyan" and select a "Sar Eser".

Have your "Sar Eser" help plan the mass Jewish Unity event.

Leading Committee Members

  • Jonathan Lyons Coordinator for scholars and instructions.
  • S. Levine Coordinator for volunteers
  • Yoel Keren Coordinator for Sar Eser mass Jewish Unity events and planning.

Legal Rulings & Opinions

Relationship to the Nascent Sanhedrin

The Sanhedrin Initiative consists of the nascent Sanhedrin, four subcourts and more than a dozen committees.

The "Committee for Civil Re-organization" functions within the charter it has been given by the "Special Court for the Executive Oversight of the Sanhedrin", but it occasionally functions independently. Views expressed by this committee, in general, has not be reviewed by the nascent Sanhedrin .

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